SALMAN RUSHDIE CANCELS INDIA VISIT1 MUSLIM ORGANISATIONS CONDEMN GREEN SIGNAL TO RUSHDIE’S VIDEO ADDRESSWith confirmation by the organisers of the Jaipur Literature Festival that Salman Rushdie would join the event via video conference from London, Muslim protests at the venue are leading to reports that the session with Mr Rushdie may be cancelled.
Uncertainty over celebrated author Salman Rushdie’s video conference at the Jaipur Lit Fest remains following protest by Milli Council today.

“At the day of conclusion the government is organising the video conference of Rushdie which is against the assurance given by Rajasthan government and it’s mere an effort to hurt the sentiment of Muslims, “said Paikar Farrukh, Member, Milli Council Jaipur.
The video conference was scheduled for 3:45 pm on Tuesday was later deferred after the Jaipur based group staged protest outside the venue in Jaipur.
Rushdie video conference session will only focus on ‘Midnight’s Children’ and not on any banned works of Rushdie. He added that it will be within the parameters of Indian laws. The session will also focus on the life and times of Rushdie, but the author will not take any questions.