“Cigarette Smoking Is Injurious To Health “

smoke 3 Cigarette Smoking Is Injurious To Health Cigarette Smoking Is Injurious To Health ” a well known line from young to old but always over looked . Smoking is hazard to health in many ways . Smokers tend to ignore the impact of smoking on dental health.  Smoking habit  is not only creating a dental health problem, but also worsening existing dental conditions. Cigarette smoking can cause various diseases and can destroy almost all human organs, at least there are 24 fatal diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Adverse effects of smoking to health will usually appear in a long time, over 5 years. Especially cigarette tobacco products can be shaped cigarette, cigarettes, cigars, rolled, using a pipe, tobacco is aspirated, or smokeless tobacco.
The Bad effects caused by Cigarette on oral health are Tooth discoloration , Bad breath ,Dental caries, Gum Disease ,Tooth loss ,Oral cancer and lung cancer. Study has proved 90 percent of oral cancer patients are smokers. Avoid smoking you will be free from mouth cancer!


TRIPURA GEARS UP FOR ELECTIONS TRIPURA GEARS UP FOR ELECTIONSAs the elections are barely a year away in Tripura, all the political parties have geared up for campaigning. The ruling party of the state Communist Party of India -Marxist (CPM) is starting its official campaigning with a rally on January 29.
After the defeat of left in West Bengal last year, Tripura is the only CPM ruling state and the party is expected to use all its strength to retain its power for the 6th consecutive time.
The party is upbeat and the streets of Agartala are already dressed with red flags and festoons.