Know Your Value

A well-known speaker started off his seminar by holding up a Rupee 500 note.
In the room of 200, he asked, “Who would like this Rupee 500 note?”
Hands started going up. He said, “I am going to give this note to one of you
but first let me do this.” He proceeded to crumple the note up.
He then asked, “Who still wants it?”
Still the hands were up in the air.
“Well,” he replied, “What if I do this?” And he dropped it on the ground and
started to grind it into the floor with his shoe. He picked it up, now all
crumpled and dirty. “Now who still wants it?”
Still the hands went into the air.
“My friends, you have all learned a very valuable lesson.
No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not
decrease in value. It was still worth Rupee 500/-.
Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt
by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. You may
feel as though you are worthless!
But no matter what has happened or what will happen, you will never lose
your value.
you are special. Don’t ever forget it!
Never let yesterday’s disappointments overshadow tomorrow’s dreams.

Making Money is Not Everthing in Life

An elderly man in Mumbai calls his son in New York and says:
‘I hate to ruin your day son, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are getting a divorce; 35 years of marriage…. And that much misery is enough!’
‘Dad, what are you talking about?’ the son screams.
‘We can’t stand the sight of each other any longer,’ the old man says.
‘We’re sick of each other, and I’m sick of talking about this, so you call your sister in Hong Kong and tell her!’
Frantic, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone.
‘Like heck they’re getting divorced,’ she shouts, ‘I’ll take care of this.’
She calls Mumbai immediately, and screams at the old man, ‘You are not getting divorced. Don’t do a single thing until I get there. I’m calling my brother back, and we’ll both be there tomorrow. Until then , don’t do a thing, DO YOU HEAR??’ and she hangs up.
The old man hangs up his phone and turns to his wife.. ‘Okay’, he says, ‘It’s all set. They’re both coming for our anniversary and paying their own airfare!!’
No man / woman is busy in this world all 365 days.
The sky is not going to fall down if you take few days LEAVE and meet your dear ones.
Office work Is not everything in life and Money is not Everything in Life

Why I Believe In God

“One of God’s main jobs is making people. He makes them to replace the ones that die so there will be enough people to take care of things on earth. He doesn’t make grown-ups, just babies. I think because they are smaller and easier to make. That way He doesn’t have to take up His valuable time teaching them to talk and walk. He can just leave that to mothers and fathers.
“God’s second most important job is listening to prayers. An awful lot of this goes on, since some people, like preachers and things, pray at times besides bedtime. God doesn’t have time to listen to the radio or TV because of this. Because He hears everything, there must be a terrible lot of noise in His ears, unless He has thought of a way to turn it off. “God sees everything and hears everything and is everywhere which keeps Him pretty busy. So you shouldn’t go wasting His time by going over your mom and dad’s head asking for something they said you couldn’t have.” Atheists are people who don’t believe in God. I don’t think there are any in Chula Vista. At least there aren’t any who come to our church.”
Jesus is God’s Son. He used to do all the hard work like walking on water and performing miracles and trying to teach the people who didn’t want to learn about God. They finally got tired of Him preaching to them and they crucified Him.
But He was good and kind, like His Father and He told His Father that they didn’t know what they were doing and to forgive them and God said O.K.
“His Dad (God) appreciated everything that He had done and all His hard work on earth so He told Him He didn’t have to go out on the road anymore. He could stay in heaven. So He did.
And now He helps His Dad out by listening to prayers and seeing things which are important for God to take care of and which ones He can take care of Himself without having to bother God. Like a secretary, only more important.
“You can pray anytime you want and they are sure to help you because they got it worked out so one of them is on duty all the time.
“You should always go to Church on Sunday because it makes God happy, and if there’s anybody you want to make happy, it’s God.
Don’t skip church to do something you think will be more fun like going to the beach. This is wrong. And besides the sun doesn’t come out at the beach until noon anyway.
“If you don’t believe in God, besides being an atheist, you will be very lonely, because your parents can’t go everywhere with you, like to camp, but God can. It is good to know He’s around you when you’re scared in the dark or when you can’t swim and you get thrown into real deep water by big kids.”
But you shouldn’t just always think of what God can do for you. I figure God put me here and He can take me back anytime He pleases.And that’s why I believe in God.

Helpless Love

Once upon a time all feelings and emotions went to a coastal island for a vacation. According to their nature, each was having a good time. Suddenly, a warning of an impending storm was announced and everyone was advised to evacuate the island.
The announcement caused sudden panic. All rushed to their boats. Even damaged boats were quickly repaired and commissioned for duty.
Yet, Love did not wish to flee quickly. There was so much to do. But as the clouds darkened, Love realised it was time to leave. Alas, there were no boats to spare. Love looked around with hope.
Just then Prosperity passed by in a luxurious boat. Love shouted, “Prosperity, could you please take me in your boat?”
“No,” replied Prosperity, “my boat is full of precious possessions, gold and silver. There is no place for you.”
A little later Vanity came by in a beautiful boat. Again Love shouted, “Could you help me, Vanity? I am stranded and need a lift. Please take me with you.”
Vanity responded haughtily, “No, I cannot take you with me. My boat will get soiled with your muddy feet.”
Sorrow passed by after some time. Again, Love asked for help. But it was to no avail. “No, I cannot take you with me. I am so sad. I want to be by myself.”
When Happiness passed by a few minutes later, Love again called for help. But Happiness was so happy that it did not look around, hardly concerned about anyone.
Love was growing restless and dejected. Just then somebody called out, “Come Love, I will take you with me.” Love did not know who was being so magnanimous, but jumped on to the boat, greatly relieved that she would reach a safe place.
On getting off the boat, Love met Knowledge. Puzzled, Love inquired, “Knowledge, do you know who so generously gave me a lift just when no one else wished to help?”
Knowledge smiled, “Oh, that was Time.”
“And why would Time stop to pick me and take me to safety?” Love wondered.
Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and replied, “Because only Time knows your true greatness and what you are capable of. Only Love can bring peace and great happiness in this world.”
“The important message is that when we are prosperous, we overlook love. When we feel important, we forget love. Even in happiness and sorrow we forget love. Only with time do we realize the importance of love. Why wait that long? Why not make love a part of your life today?”

A Boy And Girl..

They fight about a lot of things ,
but they love all of the same music.
she’s immature , but he accepts her
she is so innocent..but he is smart and tricky but much caring about his best friend..
she is a little bit emotional always think by heart but he is well-balanced and think always by brain….
Sometimes he is very much irritating but she loved to get irritate by him silently..:P
She thought she win all the fight between them…he accept it secretly coz he loved to get lose from her willingly (So cute:P)
She is shiny but he is reckless…:P
They are totally opposite of nature :P
They both say they hate each other,
but secretly are happy when people
tell them that they would make a good
Sometimes they both quarrel with each other so badly…
but within few time they surrender to each other avoiding their ego :P
they act like they’re nothing more than
friends, but everyone knows otherwise.
when people ask,
they say they don’t like each other,
but still hope that the other one is lying.
she’s a writer , but he’s a Cricket player.
she’s more beautiful than she’ll ever know,
but he already does.
They think they are best friend of each other and they are much happy with this relationship..No love can enter between them to ruin their friendship. ( how silly :P :P )
Some Relationships Are like Tom And Jerry
They Irritate Each Other
They Tease Each Other
But They Still Can’t Live Without Each Other
they are completely different,
Though they’re absolutely perfect for each
Both of them know that they care for each other very much…
But still they are not lovers…
Dedicate to all tom and jerry (mine too :P )
Thumbs up for this sweetest relationship

The Story Of The Little Boy

Sally jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: “How is my little boy? Is he going to be all right? When can I see him?”
The surgeon said, “I’m sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn’t make it.”
Sally said, “Why do little children get cancer? Doesn’t God care any more? Where were you, God, when my son needed you?”
The surgeon asked, “Would you like some time alone with your son? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he’s transported to the university.”
Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good-bye to son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair.
“Would you like a lock of his hair?” the nurse asked.
Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy’s hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said, “It was Jimmy’s idea to donate his body to the university for study. He said it might help somebody else. “I said no at first, but Jimmy said, ‘Mom, I won’t be using it after I die. Maybe it will help some other little boy spend one more day with his Mom.” She went on, “My Jimmy had a heart of gold. Always thinking of someone else. Always wanting to help others if he could.”
Sally walked out of Children’s mercy Hospital for the last time, after spending most of the last six months there. She put the bag with Jimmy’s belongings on the seat beside her in the car. The drive home was difficult. It was even harder to enter the empty house. She carried Jimmy’s belongings, and the plastic bag with the lock of his hair to her son’s room. She started placing the model cars and other personal things back in his room exactly where he had always kept them. She laid down across his bed and, hugging his pillow, cried herself to sleep.
It was around midnight when Sally awoke. Laying beside her on the bed was a folded letter. The letter said:
“Dear Mom,
I know you’re going to miss me; but don’t think that I will ever forget you, or stop loving you, just ’cause I’m not around to say I LOVE YOU. I will always love you, Mom, even more with each day. Someday we will see each other again. Until then, if you want to adopt a little boy so you won’t be so lonely, that’s okay with me. He can have my room and old stuff to play with. But, if you decide to get a girl instead, she probably wouldn’t like the same things us boys do. You’ll have to buy her dolls and stuff girls like, you know. Don’t be sad thinking about me. This really is a neat place. Grandma and Grandpa met me as soon as I got here and showed me around some, but it will take a long time to see everything. The angels are so cool. I love to watch them fly. And, you know what? Jesus doesn’t look like any of his pictures. Yet, when I saw Him, I knew it was Him. Jesus himself took me to see GOD! And guess what, Mom? I got to sit on God’s knee and talk to Him, like I was somebody important. That’s when I told Him that I wanted to write you a letter, to tell you good-bye and everything. But I already knew that wasn’t allowed. Well, you know what Mom? God handed me some paper and His own personal pen to write you this letter. I think Gabriel is the name of the angel who is going to drop this letter off to you. God said for me to give you the answer to one of the questions you asked Him ‘Where was He when I needed him?’ “God said He was in the same place with me, as when His son Jesus was on the cross. He was right there, as He always is with all His children.

Oh, by the way, Mom, no one else can see what I’ve written except you. To everyone else this is just a blank piece of paper. Isn’t that cool? I have to give God His pen back now. He needs it to write some more names in the Book of Life. Tonight I get to sit at the table with Jesus for supper. I’m, sure the food will be great.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I don’t hurt anymore. The cancer is all gone. I’m glad because I couldn’t stand that pain anymore and God couldn’t stand to see me hurt so much, either. That’s when He sent The Angel of Mercy to come get me. The Angel said I was a Special Delivery! How about that?

Friendship Day Wishes

Flower remembers bees
Fish remembers water
Tree remembers the rain
At this moment, I remember you!
To say happy friendship day to you!

We know each other by chance 
We became friends by choice 
Still friends by decision 
And when we say ‘friends forever’ 
It is definitely a lifetime promise. 
Happy Friendship Day

Friends r like mornings,
U can’t have them the whole day,
But U can be sure,
They’ll be there when U wake up,
Tomorrow, next week, next year…
Happy Friendship Day

Look outside, it is so pleasant!
Sun is smiling for you!
Trees are dancing for you!
Birds are singing for you!
Because, I asked them all to wish you
“A Happy Friendship Day”

Friendship is a blessing and to all those who have a friend.
It is the most precious gift god could ever send..
Here is wishing you a “Happy Friendship Day”

A good friend is like a computer,
He enters in your life,
Save him in your heart,
Formats all your troubles
And never delete you from his heart.
Happy Friendship Day

When heart beats, it says “lub-dub”.
Do you know what it means?
LUB says “Live your life Best”
DUB says “Do your Best in life”
Enjoy every heart beat.
Happy Friendship Day!

I made a list of my dearest person,
And I wrote them down in pencil,
I included your name but wrote it in permanent ink,
Because I decided to keep you in my list forever.
Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship is a little more trust,
A little less try,
A little more laugh,
And a little less cry,
A little more we and a little less I.
Happy Friendship Day

God gives us two gifts…
One is chance and the other is choice,
Chance to have friends
And choice to select the best ones, like you.
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship is not just about finding similarities,
It is about respecting differences.
You are not my friend because you are like me,
But, because I accept you and respect you the way you are.
Happy Friendship Day

Each friend represents a world in us,a world possibly not born until they arrive,and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.

Touching lines written by a friend to a friend.. “ever u miss me, never u cry. For a drop of tear in ur eyes, is a day less in my life”

Let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit. Happy Friendship day

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. Happy friendship day

Life can be hard Not always fun,When night brings dark n morning brings SUN…when life seems tough n nobody seems to care..

Friendship is a relation, where no charges of activation, free incoming. Free outgoing, with roaming facility all over the world.

Friendship is like a bank in which u have 2 Deposit love, sympathy, trust, help n joy. and as Interest you will get companion for lifetime

Every day I wish every one should have a friend like u. Why should I only suffer. Ha.. Ha.. Happy Friendship Day

Fresh Nescafe COFFEE specially made for u. Sorry I’ve not added sugar because u are already so sweet Happy Friendship Day.

If your friendship be luv, I’ll be luckiest man. But your friendship is trust and I’m the happiest man Happy Friendship day

I can?t find a reason why God gave U to me, but that is not the question to b asked May b the question is how did God knew that I needed u

Friends r like stars. u can’t always see them, But u know they are always there 4 you Happy Friendship day
True friends are like Diamonds.. they are real and rare. False friends r like leaves. they r scattered everywhere.Happy Friendship day

A friend is never a coincidence in ur life they r meant to enter ur life to bring u joy and laughter. So, i will treasure the friendship

We gain and lose things every day. But trust me on 1 thing U WILL NEVER LOSE ME. I will always b there as a friend.Happy Friendship Day

1 tree can start a forest,1 smile can start a friendship.1 touch can show u care, 1 friend can make life worth living 4 Happy friendship day

If one day u feel like crying, call me. I can’t promise to make u laugh, but I’m willing to cry with u.Happy friendship day

I always thought loving someone is the greatest feeling, but I realized that loving a friend is even better. We lose people we love.

100 Memories .. 200 Jokes .. 300 Great Times .. 400 Secrets .. 1 Reason .. BEST FRIENDS.. Happy friend Ship day

Stop Abortion & Killing of Girl Child – Touching Story

I am in Heaven now. I so wanted to be your little girl. I don’t quite understand
what has happened. I was so excited when I began realizing my existance. I was
in a dark, yet comfortable place. I saw I had fingers and toes. I was pretty far
along in my developing, yet not near ready to leave my surroundings. I spent most of my
time thinking or sleeping. Even from my earliest days, I felt a special bonding between you
and me.

Sometimes I heard you crying and I cried with you.
Sometimes you would yell or scream, then cry. I heard
Daddy yelling back. I was sad, and hoped you would be
better soon. I wondered why you cried so much. One day
you cried almost all of the day. I hurt for you. I couldn’t
imagine why you were so unhappy.
That same day, the most horrible thing happened. A very
mean monster came into that warm, comfortable place I
was in. I was so scared, I began screaming, but you
never once tried to help me. Maybe you never heard me.
The monster got closer and closer as I was screaming
and screaming, “Mommy, Mommy, help me please;
Mommy, help me.” C omplete terror is all I felt. I
screamed and screamed until I thought I couldn’t anymore. Then the monster started ripping
my arms off. It hurt so bad; the pain I can never explain. It didn’t stop.
Oh, how I begged it to stop. I screamed in horror as it ripped my leg off.

Though I was in such complete pain, I was dying. I knew I would never see your face or hear
you say how much you love me. I wanted to make all your tears go away. I had so many
plans to make you happy. Now I couldn’t; all my dreams were shattered. Though I was in
utter pain and horror, I felt the pain of my heart breaking, above all. I wanted more than
anything to be your daughter. No use now, for I was dying a painful death. I could only
imagine the terrible things that
they had done to you. I wanted to
tell you that I love you before I
was gone, but I didn’t know the
words you could understand.

And soon, I no longer had the
breath to say them; I was dead. I
felt myself rising. I was being
carried by a huge angel into a big
beautiful place. I was still crying,
but the physical pain was gone.
The angel took me away to a
wonderful place. Then I was
happy. I asked the angel what
was the thing was that killed me.
He answered, “Abortion”. I am sorry, for I know how it feels. I don’t know what abortion is; I
guess that’s the name of the monster. I’m writing to say that I love you and to tell you how
much I wanted to be your little girl. I tried very hard to live. I wanted to live. I had the will,
but I couldn’t; the monster was too powerful. It sucked my arms and legs off and finally got
all of me. It was imposible to live. I just wanted you to know I tried to stay with you. I didn’t
want to die. Also, Mommy, please watch out for that abortion monster. Mommy, I love you
and I would hate for you to go through the kind of pain I did. Please be careful.
Your Baby Girl

Do you think these babies
chose to die?
This is dedicated to the memory of
all the aborted babies throughout
the world. Please pass this on to
as many people as you can. If you
have a heart; you will. I posted it
here, because I know you have a
heart and will post it to others, so
that they will know what happens
to their child and all the pain the
baby goes through when they
abort their baby.