DOCTORS TAKE PART IN QUIZ CONTEST IN BENGALURU DOCTORS TAKE PART IN QUIZ CONTEST IN BENGALURUOn the eve of St Martha’s Hospital’s 125th anniversary, doctors in namma city spent their Sunday by holding a brainstorming  session. From history to entertainment to sports to what not came in for deliberations. Here is a report on how the doctors kept up with the current affairs.
On this occasion a quiz competition was organised for all the doctors from hospitals across namma city. All the questions asked were based on General Knowledge.
Doctors from Jain hospital, NIMHANS, Narayana Netralaya and many more hospitals enthusiastically took part. Power point presentations were used for the quiz. There were buzzer rounds, visual and audio rounds too.

A voucher of Rs 4,000 was given to the winners. Participants were cheered throughout the contest. All the doctors thoroughly enjoyed the quiz competition.


rahul gandhi BJP ACCUSES RAHUL OF WIELDING POWER INDIRECTLYSenior BJP leader, Balbir Punj in his address to the media accused Rahul Gandhi and his entire family of wielding the power indirectly. Commenting on Rahul’s statement where he denied his ambitions to become the Prime Minister, Balbir Punj said that the members of Gandhi family are the real power bearers, even if they do not hold any position in the goverment.

He said that I agree completely agree with Rahul’s words that as of now he is not serious about becoming the PM because the members of his family are the indirect position holders and they have no need to come to the mainstream to rule.
He also said that we are experiencing this for the past many years in Delhi and the same situation will occur in Uttar Pradesh also if the Congress party comes into power. He summed up saying that he may agree with Rahul that he is not position hungry, but his statement that he is not a part of politics or is not in UP for of political reasons is completely wrong.
Rahul Gandhi on Monday in his rally in Varanasi  said that he was not “obsessed” with becoming the Prime Minister but remained committed to change Uttar Pradesh where people have been “fooled” for the last 22 years by consecutive regimes.