I think almost everybody could agree with me on this one: The only thing worse than finding out that your spouse is a cheater is not knowing. Not knowing if your partner is faithful can eat away at you and cause pain that can last months or even years. Betrayal is the worst form of disrespect and can leave wounds that won’t heal for a long time, if ever. Before we dive into sneaky ways that you can catch your partner red handed, lets first discuss why people cheat. I have often thought to myself, Why is it that animals are able to stay faithful to each other for a lifetime, while many humans can not seem to handle this task for more than a matter of months? The fact is that humans are the only creatures that realize they have a choice to how many partners they chose to have at a single moment in time. In addition, in recent studies, scientists have found that males with higher than average testosterone levels may be at greater risk of being involved in extramarital affairs than males with low testosterone levels. However, unlike animals, we have the ability to make decisions. We are able to override these hormones at any given time. Still, many chose not to. Testosterone or no testosterone, I still think cheating ultimately has to do with unhappiness. And, due to our ability to make decisions, those who chose to cheat go to great lengths to hide their affair. This is because they know what they are doing is wrong. This is why people who are cheaters are often hard to catch. So on that note, here are some potential signs that your partner may be cheating:
1. Change in Usual Work Pattern:  Extended hours or possibly even over night shifts. This is the most popular excuse used by a cheating partner.
2. Phone Turned Off/Not Returning Calls: If you try to contact your partner during times that you are suspicious of them being unfaithful and they do not answer the phone or answer it but quickly find a reason to hang up with you, there’s a good chance that they are not being faithful.
3. Change in General Attitude: If your husband/wife suddenly makes it apparent that they are bored around you, or maybe seem overly excited on particular days, this could be a sign that they are having a relationship with somebody else. Sometimes a cheating mate may even become very angry or not want to handle simple arguments.
4. Lack of Money: Generally speaking, a deceptive partner will be spending time, as well as money, on their new date. The amount spent may greatly affect their usual income, depending on how much they are looking to impress their new partner.
5. Change in Attire: The sudden urge to dress attractively or get a new hairstyle, shave often, etc may be due to the fact that your partner is looking to appear more attractive to another individual.
6. Change in Relationship: If your partner suddenly stops confiding in you or seeking your advice this may be due to them finding it elsewhere.
7. New Hobbies: A cheating spouse may take interest in new things that don’t add up - such as new music, a new sport, etc.
8. Secretive Conversations:  Does your partner run out of the room when he/she answers the phone to handle business? Or do they speak in a very low tone?
9. Deleted E-mails / Odd Computer Habits: If your husband/wife is startled by your presence when they are online or if they are constantly cleaning out their mailbox, there could be a reason for it. It is not normal behavior for a spouse to quickly exit off of a screen when someone enters the room unless they are planning a surprise vacation or doing something they know is wrong.
With that being said, here are some ways to catch a cheating partner :
1. Show up at your Spouses Work - Pick one of those days when they are working late and surprise them with a hot meal or desert. Make sure you have a reason for going up to their job so you don’t look too suspicious.
2. Check Mileage on their Car - This is a surefire way to see if your partner has been where they claim to have been. However, take into account if they needed to go to the bank or any other locations. A few extra miles here or there do not constitute as being disloyal.
3. Record Keep - Record dates and times of suspicious phone calls. If your mate is cheating you should be able to draw a conclusion that relates these times to other incidents. For example, if someone calls and hangs up on Wednesday evenings, followed by your partner getting called into work, this could be a tip for you to log.
4. Keep Quiet - Don’t open your mouth until you have the evidence you need for conviction. Telling your partner you think they may be seeing someone else will only complicate the patter because you have opened their eyes to the fact that they are not as sneaky as they would like to be.
5. Check Receipts - If you are able, check receipts found in pockets, the car, drawers, etc. If your partner is going out they are bound to eventually slip up and leave valuable evidence somewhere. Bank records of money withdrawals or credit card bills are also good ones. If looking at a credit card bill, pay close attention to detail, like where they are purchasing gasoline. Is it near your home? Or is it in a city that doesn’t fit into their usual travels?
6. Spy - If you are able to do your own surveillance or have a friend help you, do it. Watch what your partner is doing when they say they are working, etc.
7. Computer Research - Read e-mails, check cookies, etc. See what your partner is doing when they are online. Over half of cheating partners use the internet as a form of communication because it is easy and confidential. If you check your partners cookies you will be able to see what sites they are visiting. This can be very valuable, for example, if your partner’s e-mail address is and the cookies say that they are constantly logging into a Yahoo account.
Have you tried all of the previous mentioned steps and still feel as if you are being betrayed? If so then you may have to go to extremes: Lie Detector Test, GPS Tracking or hire a Private Investigator. But before making the decision to do any of these things, take into consideration that they are very costly. You need to weigh your relationship and determine if it is worth the money. Remember that if you are at the point where you are 100% convinced your spouse is a cheater, you do not need to waste the money, you all ready know the answer. If you know they are a cheater, having a Private Investigator follow them around for weeks is not going to make a difference. Only you know your thoughts. Before making any decision you need to be prepared to accept the results. Will having your mate pass a lie detector test really make a difference? What if they pass with flying colors? Will you suddenly trust them? What if the work hours keep getting later and later and things still don’t add up? What then? Be honest with yourself and your feelings up front.


To find a date so your friends say. Join us for dinner and find a date to bring this weekend they ask you. Where do I begin finding a date? And then you panic! Maybe you just want to find someone for yourself, and it has nothing to do with a social situation. Well done, I am glad. Now that you are in a positive frame of mind, finding a date should not be as daunting as it first sounds. You can perhaps think of seeking out a date as a military campaign, as your life work, or just as part of your everyday relaxed social life routine. You never know, one of these days they may well turn into something more than a date. Well, that’s if that’s what you want of course. In the meantime let us concentrate on the task in hand. Finding any date is never easy that’s true, but it can be relatively easy or hard depending on your attitude to it.
First of all, why are you trying to find a date? Are you looking for a date to fulfill a social function? If you are why not just borrow a friend to help you out. Why not even hire a date from one of the many outlets if you can afford it. Now there is a huge difference between hiring a social companion for an event and, well, you know what. Yes I am not in anyway condoning the other. I am simply suggesting that there are professional agencies who can help you pay for a good looking date if that’s the situation. That aside we are concentrating here on those who are looking for a date with the purpose of romance.
Well this is presupposing that you don’t usually meet people and there are not too many of us who never meet anyone. What is true though is that we often believe we don’t meet anyone suitable. Maybe we are a single parent with home responsibilities, or someone who works from home. Perhaps we work unsociable hours and never meet anyone to date. Maybe we work with people much younger or older, or perhaps we really don’t have finely honed social skills. It could be that we are shy, private, quiet in a group or just unwilling to make the first move.
Well whatever the situation you need to take action. The first thing you want to do is top ensure your self esteem is at an all time high. You want to find a date you are going to have a great time with so make them feel special by looking good yourself
  • Give yourself a makeover
    Buy some new clothes and update your image
    Get a new haircut or hairstyle
    Get a full beauty treatment and makeover
    Visit your dentist and get those teeth looking pearl white
    Get a tan and freshen your skin
    Get to grips with latest styles and fashions
    Treat yourself to a rejuvenating break
    Read some new magazines and go shopping just to get the feel
    Join a health club and get into a new health routine
    Go on a diet and lose a few pounds or kilos if needed.
    Take up a martial art or self defense classes
    Have an increased positive mental attitude                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • The next thing you need to do in preparation to find a date is to think long and hard as to what you really hope to achieve and whether you have any fixed aims and time scales. Have a clear idea of the person you are kind of looking for, but do not be too specific. Keep your aim as broad as you can and finding a date will be easier. The other thing I want to point out is to be realistic when looking to find a date. Don’t aim to date a Hollywood superstar if it’s not likely to happen. Keep your feet on the ground and take a long hard look at your own life before walking into someone else’s. If you are a multimillionaire then keep that detail to yourself for now.
Here are things you can do to help yourself find a date...
Dating Close to Home
Begin by looking close to home. Is there anyone in your neighborhood or family circle who is single with who you get on great. Often, people stay single simply because they are not asked out on a date by anyone, not because they themselves are lonely. It’s time to do the asking. And yes, that includes the good looking people in this world. There are lots of local clubs and activity places including evening classes. It is often the best place to introduce yourself to people of the opposite sex in your local community. Try to choose something that involves both sexes. I once met a fantastic date due to being involved in pottery classes which I greatly enjoyed.
Dating At Work
It is claimed that 87% of people working in London who are attached, met through work or started dating at work. This doesn’t mean that they work together, but that in some way, work brought them into contact. Indeed one of my best friends met his wife through a work related phone call. I do not think personally that dating at work or dating someone within your own office is a good idea due to the possibilities of fallout and neither do I think it is constructive to your career. Relationship tensions within an office can cause problems with other workers and can antagonize work related issues. So on that score I recommend you steer well clear.
However most organization are linked to other firms, there are many offices with many groups of working. If you don’t attend the office parties, then maybe begin. Try joining in after work or attending after work social events, from bowling to trips to the bar or comedy store. It is all about making new friends as much as finding a date.
If you really don’t have many people you work with or work from home like me then you are going to need to look at other ways of extending your social circle.
Get Physical
That’s right, join the gym. To find a date you should look your best. After all if you have set your sights high then doesn’t your potential date deserve the best too? Good, so get down to the local health club and look at the possibilities of getting involved in a regular health regime. If you do so already, expand your horizons and make sure you are not just at a unisex gym. Try other sports and healthy activities from yachting to running to baseball to anything you may not have tried before. You will make fabulous new friends as well as finding a date. And you will be fit.
Ask Your Friends
The most common complaint amongst people who are in their late 20’s and thirties is that all their friends are married. In which case my friends, it is time to adapt. Married friends will not help you find a date. They tell you they will when they can and they may if you are lucky even introduce you in a well meaning way to people who happen to be single. This can work. Double dating can sometimes do the trick. After all you should trust your friends. But more often that not it doesn’t help you find a date because your friends do not necessarily know who you are looking to meet. Really you need to be taking control and finding a date yourself.
In which case you need some single friends. Flash - its easier finding a date with a group of like-minded people. Oh yes. I know your married friends are your longest companions and I know that they may not approve of a group of new single friends, but trying to fond a date alone can be a lot harder than seeing a date with a group of like minded friends. In other words, there is confidence and safety when socializing in numbers. This will in turn open up new places and venues for you to visit. Your confidence levels may well increase exponentially too.
You can find new single friends everywhere. They are at work, close to home, at your clubs in your gym. You simply need to make some new friends and then join in. It is not as hard as you think. If you sat at home you will not find them, if you go out you will. When was the last time you phoned your old friends to catch up? Go do it now.
Join a Club
Activities really do bring people together and create new friends. If you are involved in something like a craft, or hobby, or sport then you are with like minded people already. You have something in common and it is a great icebreaker. If you are not a member of any club then consider what you are interested in and then consider if such an activity will introduce you to others. In most cases it will do. And consider this, there are many people also looking for a date who are also joining clubs for the same reason.
Join a Dating Agency
Dating agencies used to have a stigma attached but not anymore. Now its extremely fashionable finding a date online. Well your friends may suggest this is crazy but why is it? What do they know about it anyway? Nothing, exactly! Dating and finding a date is fun and very enjoyable. After all dating is about meeting new people and searching for a special connection. Dating agencies fall into two camps; traditional and Internet. The first are those traditional dating agencies which help you find a date but charge many hundreds of dollars to offer you the chance of meeting a few people they have manually matched you with in their database. They will then offer you the chance of meeting that person if both agree. It’s slow and long winded but it does work sometimes, though rarely are there guarantees of any kind. The main thing about such dating agencies is that they are often specialized in a certain area, maybe profession or financial level e.t.c Some may concentrate on the medical or legal profession; others may focus on say, executives in a certain region.
Internet Dating Agencies
The second kind of agency is the professional Internet dating and friendship agency accessible from your home PC. Most often, Like True, they are free to register with so that you can see who is in their database. The beauty of Internet dating agencies is that they are instantly accessible and you can search people you match with in private and comfort without spending a penny. You can view online photo Personals to help you find a date and you can take your time.
It is important when seeking a date to choose a reputable Internet dating agency such as www.True.comwhich can provide you not just with personal ads but also a safe and secure environment with advice and articles to read. When you are ready you can make contact with a database member anonymously through onsite e-mail, chat rooms and private instant messaging. Companies like True dating now even include voicemail services so you can listen to a prospective date’s voice.
After paying a small fee, you can communicate with as many members as you wish , safely and securely and very soon you may find that you have arranged not just one date but you have found dates for whenever you like. It is down to you. No standing in singles bars or being hit upon by strangers, or having to think up opening lines. Just convenient and relaxed dating whenever you choose.
If you aim to find a date, you should begin straight away. It is not always easy to take a step like this if you have been out of the dating arena for years. Maybe you have separated or divorce or been bereaved. In which case, do try and lift your spirits and take your romantic life back into your grasp. Think through the ideas I suggest and add some yourself also and maybe now take the initiative. Life is meant for living, but even more importantly, I believe its means for sharing with someone special. Find a date for yourself this week but more importantly, feel good about yourself.


English - I love you
Afrikaans - Ek het jou lief
Albanian - Te dua
Arabic - Ana behibak (to male)
Arabic - Ana behibek (to female)
Armenian - Yes kez sirumen
Bambara - M'bi fe
Bangla - Aamee tuma ke bhalo aashi
Belarusian - Ya tabe kahayu
Bisaya - Nahigugma ako kanimo
Bulgarian - Obicham te
Cambodian - Soro lahn nhee ah
Cantonese Chinese - Ngo oiy ney a
Catalan - T'estimo
Cheyenne - Ne mohotatse
Chichewa - Ndimakukonda
Corsican - Ti tengu caru (to male)
Creol - Mi aime jou
Croatian - Volim te
Czech - Miluji te
Danish - Jeg Elsker Dig
Dutch - Ik hou van jou
Esperanto - Mi amas vin
Estonian - Ma armastan sind
Ethiopian - Afgreki'
Faroese - Eg elski teg
Farsi - Doset daram
Filipino - Mahal kita
Finnish - Mina rakastan sinua
French - Je t'aime, Je t'adore
Frisian - Ik hâld fan dy
Gaelic - Ta gra agam ort
Georgian - Mikvarhar
German - Ich liebe dich
Greek - S'agapo
Gujarati - Hoo thunay prem karoo choo
Hiligaynon - Palangga ko ikaw
Hawaiian - Aloha wau ia oi
Hebrew - Ani ohev otah (to female)
Hebrew - Ani ohev et otha (to male)
Hiligaynon - Guina higugma ko ikaw
Hindi - Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hae
Hmong - Kuv hlub koj
Hopi - Nu' umi unangwa'ta
Hungarian - Szeretlek
Icelandic - Eg elska tig
Ilonggo - Palangga ko ikaw
Indonesian - Saya cinta padamu
Inuit - Negligevapse
Irish - Taim i' ngra leat
Italian - Ti amo
Japanese - Aishiteru
Kannada - Naanu ninna preetisuttene
Kapampangan - Kaluguran daka
Kiswahili - Nakupenda
Konkani - Tu magel moga cho
Korean - Sarang Heyo
Latin - Te amo
Latvian - Es tevi miilu
Lebanese - Bahibak
Lithuanian - Tave myliu
Malay - Saya cintakan mu / Aku cinta padamu
Malayalam - Njan Ninne Premikunnu
Mandarin Chinese - Wo ai ni
Marathi - Me tula prem karto
Mohawk - Kanbhik
Moroccan - Ana moajaba bik
Nahuatl - Ni mits neki
Navaho - Ayor anosh'ni
Norwegian - Jeg Elsker Deg
Pandacan - Syota na kita!!
Pangasinan - Inaru Taka
Papiamento - Mi ta stimabo
Persian - Doo-set daaram
Pig Latin - Iay ovlay ouyay
Polish - Kocham Ciebie
Portuguese - Eu te amo
Romanian - Te iubesc
Russian - Ya tebya liubliu
Scot Gaelic - Tha gra\dh agam ort
Serbian - Volim te
Setswana - Ke a go rata
Sign Language - ,\,,/ (represents position of fingers when signing 'I Love You')
Sindhi - Maa tokhe pyar kendo ahyan
Sioux - Techihhila
Slovak - Lu`bim ta
Slovenian - Ljubim te
Spanish - Te quiero / Te amo
Swahili - Ninapenda wewe
Swedish - Jag alskar dig
Swiss-German - Ich lieb Di
Tagalog - Mahal kita
Taiwanese - Wa ga ei li
Tahitian - Ua Here Vau Ia Oe
Tamil - Nan unnai kathalikaraen
Telugu - Nenu ninnu premistunnanu
Thai - Chan rak khun (to male)
Thai - Phom rak khun (to female)
Turkish - Seni Seviyorum
Ukrainian - Ya tebe kahayu
Urdu - mai aap say pyaar karta hoo
Vietnamese - Anh ye^u em (to female)
Vietnamese - Em ye^u anh (to male)
Welsh - 'Rwy'n dy garu di
Yiddish - Ikh hob dikh
Yoruba - Mo ni fe


Reason #1: You have a better body.
We have all been there you get into a relationship, and suddenly you’re trying out new recipes all the time and cuddling instead of exercising. Well, things tend to get worse with marriage. A recent Cornell University study found that women generally gain five to eight pounds in the first few years of marriage and unhappily married women gain an average of 54 pounds in the first 10 years.

For the unmarried, though, the motivation to stay slim remains: “Singles look at themselves through the eyes of others and want to be attractive to potential partners,” says Susan Davis, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in New York City, “so they’re still ‘working on themselves.’” In short, being single is way better than any New Year’s resolution or exercise DVD to motivate you to stay in shape.

Reason #2: You’re more likely to achieve great things.
It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have the time, the quiet and the lack of familial responsibilities. In fact, your premarital motivation to excel in life may be biologically programmed. According to a study conducted at the London School of Economics and Political Scientists, male scientists who stay single longer peak in their careers later in life and tend to be more productive than their married counterparts. Researchers theorize that men, in general, may show off their talents to win the interest of women and then, once they’ve won a wife, get comfortable and do less. In fact, studies have shown that testosterone levels, which boost action, decrease after a man gets married and has children. So single folk should know they are primed to achieve whether that means turbo-charging their careers or honing their rock-climbing skills and get out there and work it!

Reason #3: You do less housework.
You know that saying about a tree falling in a forest and there’s no one there to hear it? Well, if you leave a sock on the floor but there’s no one else there to see it, does it really need to be picked up? If you’re a single woman, you can contemplate deep questions like this one because you have more free time. According to one study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, women do less housework when single than when married. Men, on the other hand, do more housework when unmarried (that’s probably because there’s someone picking up after them once they’re wed…). So the message here is for unmarried women to enjoy their less chore-filled life; fill those free hours with classes, good books, blabbing with friends whatever makes you happy.

Reason #4: You can do what you want with your money including keep it.
Go ahead: Splurge on that pricey moisturizer or that obscenely large plasma TV you’ve been lusting after. You don’t have to justify your purchase to anyone but yourself. Once you mix money with marriage, though, things change and fast. According to a survey by Smart Money magazine, 40 percent of women and 36 percent of men have lied to their spouses about a purchase. “When you’re single, your finances are your own,” explains Phyllis Chase, a Los Angeles based psychologist and co-host of the radio show Shrink Rap. “When you’re married, you have to deal with different styles of spending and saving, and you may take on your partner’s debt.” And a marriage that doesn’t make it for the long haul can also have a major negative effect on one’s wealth. According to researchers at Ohio State University’s Center for Human Resource Research, during a divorce, men and women generally lose three-fourths of their personal net worth. Double ouch.

Reason #5: You have better sex.
Married couples may have more sex (approximately 98 times a year vs. singles’ 49), but singles have better sex. According to a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, married women are significantly more likely to report problems with their sex lives than single women. “People who are dating have better sex because it’s novel,” says Davis. “Married people have to relearn how to play. It’s natural for singles because that’s the nature of a courting relationship they tease, they experiment, they explore.” Nature lends a helping hand, too. According to researchers at the University of Pisa in Italy, raging testosterone levels in both men and women makes the sex hotter during the first two years of a relationship. After that, other hormones take over most notably, oxytocin, a bonding chemical, kicks in. While getting connected and comfortable is a positive step in a relationship, long-term lovers have to work harder to keep things hot in the bedroom. Singles, however, sizzle just the way they are.

Reason #6: You’re better rested and smarter.
While snuggling up next to a warm body can be pretty fantastic, according to a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, your bed mate can cause you to lose an average of 49 minutes of sleep per night. Sleeping two to a bed just isn’t as restful as snoozing solo. Other studies confirm that singles generally get more rest seven to eight hours of sleep a night than married couples, which enhances memory, mood and concentration, as well as allows your immune system to recharge. And, according to scientists at the University of Luebeck in Germany, creativity and problem-solving may directly correlate with getting enough sleep. In the study, participants were given a math puzzle; those who’d had eight hours of sleep or more before tackling it were three times more likely to get the right answer than those who slept less. So, singles, revel in the fact that you’re alert, rested and have that extra brain power edge.

Reason #7: You’re less depressed.
Although the media often perpetuates the image of single people being down in the dumps, overall unmarried people tend to be happier than their married counterparts if you’re a woman, that is. One report by the World Health Organization indicated that married women, especially ones with children, have a higher risk for depression than single women, and researchers at the University of London found that single women generally have fewer mental-health issues. “Marriage, in many ways, seems to benefit men more than women,” says Davis. “For women, there’s more of a loss of self.” And, of course, today’s women often feel like they need to do it all have a career, take care of the kids and perform other traditionally “female” responsibilities. “People who aren’t married are still investing in themselves,” says Davis. “It’s not selfish it’s giving to yourself, and that’s something married people can learn from single people.”

Reason #8: You have better friendships.
Significant others are a wonderful thing, no doubt, but friends count, too. And on that front, one study found that, when women get married and have children, they spend much less time with their friends less than five hours a week, down from 14 hours. Singles, however, often have the greatest sense of friendship and community which can actually decrease stress levels, according to researchers at UCLA.

Here's another way to look at this: “Singles don’t rely on just one person to meet their needs. You don’t automatically know who you’re going to spend Friday night with,” says Sasha Cagen, author of Quirky alone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics. “The plus side is that you have a lot of different people in your life and potentially a greater sense of social possibilities.”

Reason #9: Your travel tales are enviable.
Married couples take the most vacations, dominating the market with 62 percent of all trips taken, but singles arguably go on more interesting trips. According to the Travel Industry Association of America, singles corner the adventure-travel market, engaging in activities like white water rafting, scuba diving and mountain biking. Being single and relatively footloose certainly allows you to expand your geographical and personal borders. “I have lived abroad, backpacked for close to a year, have been in love three times and much more,” says Courtney Davis, 27, a media-relations manager in Boston. “With every place and every person, my world has expanded.”

Reason #10: You know yourself and what you want out of a relationship.
You are a better catch now than you were at 20. You may have signs of, ahem, experience etched on your face, but that’s OK because you’re more interesting and more self-aware. Not only have you grown as a person, but you’ve probably been through the ringer a few times in matters of love and now know what you want and what you don’t. Experts say that bodes well for future marital success and may actually decrease the likelihood of divorce. “When people get married young, they often feel like the other person will complete them, and they have trouble moving past that Hollywood myth,” explains Chase. “But maturity brings so much, because if you’re able to communicate who you are and what you want, the better your chances of having a successful marriage.” And that’s a wonderful message: Your single self is great... and should you find the right person and decide to marry, you’re more likely to thrive in that stage of your life, too.


"I still don't get it!..."
"I have a nice car. I'm accomplished. My A List CV make the next guy look funky. I even wear the latest Armani! Why doesn't she flip for me? Why am I always alone?"
How many times did you pound the dashboard of your Corvette bewailing this persistent question?
The avenue to Romance is littered with roadkill hearts and unrequited love. If you think you're unique in your loneliness, think again. There is enough dashboard pounding out there to start a global orchestra of dire distress.
But don't despair. Before you spin out of control, deploy the airbags fast. These strategic maneuvers should cruise you back on track:
1) Dress to Kill - all the time: No I don't intend that You wear that $5000 suit to the grocers or the Rolex to walk the dog. What I want you to do is is to dress decently each time you hit the streets. Dab on some cologne. Be neatly shaven. Men, women are everywhere. If you dress with flash only at the bar or the party, you're missing out on 95% of eligible women. Some of the best relationships were forged during chance encounters at the bus stop.
2) Bedroom Eyes - When exploring new relationships with that sexy stranger, intensify the eye contact. Lock deep into her pupils. Let the rest of the world disappear even as a horde of supermodels troop by. You will naturally thrill her with the attention as she experiences the tendrils of growing attraction. Ethnologists have a term for it, the copulatory gaze. Get your eyes even sexier by enlarging your pupils. Dr. Hess concluded that dilated pupils are far far more attractive to women after he presented hundreds of assorted pictures of men to test subjects. How does one get the pupils popping? Simply gaze at the most alluring parts of her face and fill your mind with loving caring thoughts. Your pupils naturally grow, endowing you with irresistible eyes.
3) Visual Caress - Get your eyes do some facial traveling as you chat. Linger a bit on the nose, traipse across the eyes and rest at the lips. Drink in her facial features as though you were admiring the Mona Lisa. She will delight in the attention!
4) Easter Eggs - Stumped at having nothing to say? Listen carefully for easter eggs as you talk. These are unusual words of phrases that she utters. Ask her to expound on it. Say "What's the story behind that?" or "How do you feel about that?". Women love to be probed for their opinions and their feelings. Gently bring out her emotions with sensitive open-ended questions.
5) Keep it Adrenaline Charged - Men talk facts: stock figures, bill payments, and boring engine specs. Women are different. They delight in FEELINGS TALK: how the new dress takes them to 7th heaven, how that special meal got them all giddy with ecstasy, how their shopping expedition drains their deepest problems away. Leverage this by steering away from facts talk. Pick out emotionally charged subjects and ask her how she especially relates to them. You'll be her new confidant!
I know what you're thinking. It's all common sense! That's true, but ask yourself this: how many of you actually practice this? Be honest.
Get out there and be the man women loves. Use your common sense!

Love Words

Love words to use when writing or texting your sweetheart. Express you love with true words of love ...
Do not be at a loss of words when that special moment arises. These love related words will help you:
Admire, Admiring , Adore , Adoring , Affection , Allure , Alluring , Amour , Angel , Angelic , Attracted, Attractive 
Beautiful , Beauty , Beloved , Bliss , Blissful , Blossoms 
Care , Caress , Caressing , Cherish , Complete , Crave , Craving 
Darling , Dear , Deep , Delicate , Delirious , Desire , Desiring , Devote, Devoted , Dream , Dreaming 
Ecstatic , Elated , Elation , Embrace , Embracing , Emotion , Enchanting , Enjoy , Exciting , Exotic , Exquisite 
Fantasize , Fantasy, Feel, Feelings , Flame, Flaming, Forever 
Gentle, Giving , Gorgeous 
Happy , Heart, Heartfelt , Holding , Honey , Hug 
Idolize , Innocent 
Joyful , Joyous 
Kisses , Kissing 
Lasting , Lavish , Long for , Love , Loveable , Lovely , Lover , Luscious 
Magic , Magical , Memories 
Passion , Passionate , Precious , Privileged 
Rainbow , Rendezvous , Romantic, Rose 
Seductive , Seeing , Sensual , Sensuality , Sensuous , Sexy , Soft , Spark, Spicy , Stars , Steamy , Stroke , Stunning , Suave , Sugar , Sweet, Sweetie , Sweetheart , Sweetness 
Tasting , Temptation , Tempting , Tender, Touching , Treasure , True 
Unblemished, Unique 
Valentine , Velvet , Voyage , Vision 
Wonderful , Worship 
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Love and Jealousy

Love and Jealousy: Understanding the Emotional Dynamics
Jealousy has long been viewed as an emotion that safeguards love. There are people who believe that the presence of jealousy in a relationship is an evidence of how much they care for someone, and how much they are cared for in return. However, this is also one of the primary factors why some relationships fail.
While the jealous party may blame the other person for giving them a reason to feel suspicious, in reality it is more often a reflection of one’s personal issues. The tendency for an individual to become jealous actually depends not only on the situation. It varies from person to person, with those who have a naturally insecure personality falling prey on it more frequently.
Jealousy can manifest itself in several ways. Some of the classic reasons why people experience this crippling emotion are as follows:
Fear of losing loved one
Loving someone and being loved in return is such a heartwarming experience that perhaps nobody would be willing to lose or give it up easily. If the stability of the relationship is threatened in any way, jealous responses may arise. This is often propelled by the fear of losing the person that one cares for the most.
Lack of trust
Jealousy is basically an issue of trust. A loving relationship that is built on trust and openness is less likely to suffer from issues of jealousy, compared to a relationship in which the partners keep things from each other. However, lack of trust does not only result from infidelity and other behaviors that warrant doubt and suspicion. Sometimes, even though the other person is perfectly faithful, there are individuals who find it hard to give their trust completely.
Unwillingness to share attention
It feels good to be the apple of someone's eye. If there are signs that somebody else is commanding a beloved's attention - whether this is real or just imagined - anger and jealousy will ultimately arise.
Desire to control loved one
Love is generally a positive feeling but it can sometimes evolve into unhealthy responses if approached in a wrong way. In certain cases, there is a need to always have one's way in the relationship. Jealousy may be used as a means to control and make a partner conform to the individual's wants.
Excessive feelings of jealousy may often interfere with a person's rational thinking. This compels some individuals to do things that could actually drive away the partner that they are desperately trying to keep. Although experts agree that this emotion is a natural survival mechanism that aims to preserve a relationship, jealousy is in fact a very destructive feeling. The only chance that this emotion may serve a constructive purpose is if the person suffering from it would recognize this as a sign to look within the self and work on their negative feelings.
Although experts haven't reached a general consensus whether jealousy has a purpose in a loving relationship, the only certain thing is that its presence would always prove problematic if left uncontrolled and dominant.

Fun and Love in Winter: An Engagement Session

As a wedding blogger, it's important that I always keep my eyes open to other wedidng blogs and vendors all over the world to stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry. During my searches I came across this beautiful and colorful engagement session by Double Take Photography and I thought it would be a great way to bring a traditional snowy winter to all of us in Israel.

Some Background on the Engagement Session:
Jen and Bryan (the cute couple below) love snowboarding so they decided the engagement session would be held at Bogus Basin in Boise, Idaho. After a day on the slopes the shoot moved to Hyde Park for its cute cafes and shops. Doesn't it make you wish for some middle eastern snow? Thanks  again Tim and Jean from Double Take Photography!




What is Love?

Is love more then butterflies and a fast heart beat?
Mature love is beyond the butterflies and heart throbbing. It is a love that starts with YOU first. Do you truly love yourself? Are you secure in your self-esteem and feel content in your personal life? This issue is extremely important to deal with, for you need to love yourself before you can truly love another. what is love
True love is not only about a constant physical attraction. It is about staying together through the rough times and helping each other with tears and fears, as well as laughter and sparkling smiles. You both never try to change each other, but except one another for who you really are, instead of arguing or blaming the other for the differences between you. You are not only lovers, yet wonderful friends, who are honest and trust each other with your personal feelings and worries. With each experience you go through, you learn more about the other and love and appreciate them even more, continuing to give each other the space to grow into their own independent character. If you need advice on a personal issue, ask the experts.
What is in Love ?
Though love itself is simple, telling the difference between true love and infatuation can be rather confusing, especially in our young years when our hormones are raging. Sometimes we meet a person who just makes our bodies jittery and our heads full of daydreams and fantasies and we mistaken that for love, when it is indeed, only an infatuation or crush. For example, a young girl can find her teacher good looking, kind and intelligent, which awakens her already raging hormones to gather together and form this huge feeling of fascination, putting the person on a pedestal, without even knowing anything about them. They constantly think of the other, depending on them for a high self esteem, or low however the person will react towards them and so on. Because you will feel these feelings at the first stage of true love for another, you might get confused when you get at this point, as many do. However, you should be patient and give yourself some time and observe whether your love or infatuation matures into true love.

"Love Letters" Tips and Ideas

"...Would I, if I could, supplant one of any of the affections that I know to have taken root in you - that great and solemn one, for instance? I feel that if I could get myself remade, as if turned to gold, I WOULD not even then desire to become more than the mere setting to that diamond you must always wear.

The regard and esteem you now give me, in this letter,and which I press to my heart and bow my head upon, is all I can take and all too embarrassing, using all my gratitude.
This is an extract from a love letter written by Robert Browning to Elizabeth Barrett Browning. In today's fast pace world where love messages are conveyed through mobile phones and e-cards we may be sometimes asking ourselves a question. Have we lost our emotional powers to write wonderful love letters to our beloved to melt her heart? May be or may not be, but whatever it may be let us try to learn a few tips on how to write a beautiful love letter. We must remember that a love letter can bring out our deepest emotions and we need to be careful as to how we put it across to our lover. A woman is God's most beautiful creation. She is tender and she would love to read a letter, which touches her heart. Remember that a mirror once broken can be glued but the crack remains eternally. When you are writing a love letter remember never to use any words or sentence, which may cause even a hairline crack in her heart. She may be kind enough to read it but the feeling of any strong words may make her sad. Always remember never to portray your image as someone of high status or value. She will connect with a person only from the heart and not anything else. Tell her that you love her for what she is and plead her if she can love you for what you are. A love letter is all about bringing out your emotions. Tell her what you felt when you saw her the first time and then again and again and again. How you waited for her when she got down from the bus. How the glances you'll shared conveyed a million unspoken words. How the silent tear drops that flowed from your eyes have never gone to waste. Start the letter with a very touching line. If you are writing a letter for a first time you can start by writing the name of your beloved. This can immediately connect both of you on a friendly note rather than be too romantic. Sometimes over romanticism can kill. The body of the letter should flow from the day you saw her and how your feeling developed over time and today what makes you write the letter. Don't forget to tell her that you see in her your picture perfect lady with whom you want to spend of your life with.
If you are writing a letter to your beloved with whom you are having a relationship for sometime tell her that how you have fallen in Love with her over and over again. Mention to her that whatever she has given you have made you where you stand today. Mention how much indebted you are to her and what your life will be without her. Last but not the least tell her that you will always have your shoulders for her whenever she needs them and you will hold her hands eternally.
Writing a love letter to your wife is a great symbolism of love that you have for her even after years of marriage. The beautiful kids that she has given you or the support that she has given you all along during your ups and downs in life.
When you are ending a love letter end with a line that summarizes your feelings for her. Something like Love always, yours forever can make an impression that she will never forget.
A love letter is cherished for life by someone. Hence dip it with emotions and never try to be diplomatic in your language.

Love Is The Greatest Feeling In The Whole World.

Love is the greatest feeling in the whole world. When you are in love, you see mainly the positive sides of the character of the person, you are in love with. Everyone wonder sometimes what the reasons I love you are. However, each one of the persons has different reasons, but some of the most common among all of them are:

1. One of the reasons I love you is the way you make me feel alive, because that is the most important thing for one person.
2. Another one of the reasons I love you is that you have trust in me, because one couple can’t survive a long time without it.
3. I love you, because you are greatest
4. I love the way you talk.
5. I love you, because you are one of the most intelligent people I know.
6. When you hug me, I feel safe.
7. I am in love with your green eyes, because when you look at me I feel loved.
8. Another one of the reasons I love you is the fact that you know how to be a real man.
9. I love you, because you are my best friend.
10. I am in love with you, because when I need you, you are by me and when I need help, you will help me immediately.
11. One of the reasons I love you is the way that you kiss and touch me.
12. I love you, because you can forgive.
13. Another one of the reasons I love you is your optimism.
14. I love you, because you can always make me laugh or smile even when I don’t want to.
15. I love your gentleness with me.
16. I am in love with you, because you are so nice.greatest love
17. One of the reasons I love you is the fact that you take care of me.
18. I love the way you smile.
19. I love you, because you are awesome to my mom and dad, and my brother and even my dog and how they all love you so much.
20. Another one of the reasons I love you is the fact that I learn new things about you every day.
21. I love you, because you let me in your life and your heart.
22. I am in love with you, because you give me a presents without a reason.
23. I love your honesty.
24. One of the reasons I love you is your perfect body.
25. I love you, because of your charm and charisma.
26. I love your strong hands.
27. Another one of the reasons I love you, because of your aspiration to achieve success in your life.
28. I love you, because I am in your plans for the feature.
29. I love you, because you always bring out the best in me.
30. I am in love with you, because you always look for and find the positive in everything.
31. One of the reasons I love you is the fact that you always tell and show me every day how much you love me.
32. Another one of the reasons I love you is that I can be myself when I am with you.
33. You are never boring.
34. We can talk about everything.
35. I love you, because you are the light of my life.
36. I am in love with you, because you are the most beautiful thing in my life.
37. One of the reasons I love you is that every time I look at you, my heart misses a beat.
38. I love to hear your voice.
39. I love your smell.
40. I love you, because when you are with me everything seems possible.
41. Another one of the reasons I love you is the fact that you help me with everything.
42. I am in love with you, because you make me feel like I have never felt before.
43. I love you, because you always respect my decisions and are always behind me.
44. I love that we can talk for hours about nothing.
45. I love the way your body moves when we kiss.
46. One of the reasons I love you is that I can feel your love in the warmth of your touch, because it touch my heart and my soul.
47. Another one of the reasons I love you is that every night, when we go to sleep, you hug me.

The True Love Is Something That Everyone Wants To Feel!!

The True Love Is Something That Everyone Wants To Feel!!
What is true love? The true love is something that everyone wants to feel, but it is a fact that only a little part of the people has the luck to meet her. What is actually the true love? That is the most beautiful thing that can happen to someone, because that is one shared feeling. When you meet someone and fall in love with him that is not the true love still. If this person shares your feelings that still is not the true love.
But it is true that this is the first step to that amazing feeling. The true love is something more then falling in love. She is at the first place trust, because without him every relationship is fated and can’t survive a long time. When you have trust in your partner you are anxiety-free. That must be shared because when the one person in the relationship believes in the other, but the other don’t do this, this leads to problems and probably to broke up. The true love is a friendship. You must to can be not only lover to your partner, you must be his friend.true love
Your partner must be the man from who you can ask for advice and who you can say your secrets, because he will not say to no one else this things, he wouldn’t be betrayed you. It is a true love when you can talk about everything with the person who you are in love with. Exactly the talking is the most important thing for the true love, because when the partners talk, they can find a decision to every problem, which they have. One big part of the couples breaking up, because they can’t or don’t want to talk. When the love is a true love, she can survive everything. Every problem is a test for the feelings and strength of one relationship. The true love is help. When you really love someone you are ready to help him right away and to do everything for him.
Of course this must be shared. The true love is care, because when you are in love with someone you make everything that your partner can feel fine and loved. When the love is a true love this fact automatically eliminates the egoism, because now you are not alone and you must thing about the wishes, which have the person with who you are. When you love someone you want to make him happy. The true love means support too. The feeling when you know that by you stands someone who loves you and every time will support you, is really great. One love is true when the two in the relationship are frank and honest.
The true love is aspiration for acquaintance of the man who you are in love with. When you became well familiarize with your partner, you will find his entire blemish, but you must not aspire to remove them. If your partner’s love to you is real he will make everything possible to remove them himself. When two people can make so that their character fit and when they can make compromises that mean that these people love each other and their love is a true love. To find the true love means to find a perfect match for you, your half. The people are saying that everyone has a half somewhere over the world, but these who meet her are only a little part.
When the love is shared, she is a true love and makes you one better person and the world look like a better place for a living. When you and your partner have the same thinking and the same conception for the life, you can be together a very long time. The true love is when two people want to spend their time together in loving each other and when their love survives all of the obstacles, which they meet during their life together. Furthermore, if the people are able to keep their love the same as it was in the beginning through out the years, you can say that this is true love. Remember that finding the true love of your life is really hard and you may need more than one lifetime to make that happen, but in the end it will be worth it. Make sure that you will never stop searching for the true love, because there is no set date that you will find it and also the true love is likely to appear in odd circumstances.