Jai chhath Ma Sms in hindi

Count your problems,
Count your blessings,
Which has the greater number?
All the troubles will be finished
If you will have faith in god
Jai Chhath Maa ki!!!

Bihar Chhath Puja, Chhath Puja in Bihar 2012

Is shubh divas par hum dharm ki adharm par vijay ki
khushiya manaye! Wishing U a
chat puja thts a celebration of all
your victories in life

Chhat Puja hindi best sms

chat is a festival of joy happinees and deciplene. chat mata give so much plesure and bless to all the indians pepole. *Chat Pooja Ki Hardi Shubkamnaye!*  

Happy Chhath puja 2012-2013 sms

Chhath is a festival dedicated to the Sun God, considered to be a means to thank the sun for bestowing the bounties of life in earth and fulfilling particular wishes.....HAPPY Chhath....!!

Chhath Puja sms In hindi 2012-2013

People worship god Sun for his kindness and seek forces of nature like sun and river. Women keeps strict fast on this day and worship God Sun during holy Bath into river !happy chhath!  

Chhath Puja sms | Chhath Puja sms message | happy Chhath Puja sms 2012

मंदिर  की  घंटी , आरती  की  थाली , नदी  के   किनारे  सूरज  की  लाली , जिन्दिगे  में  ए  खुशियों  की  बहार , आपको  मुबारक  हो  छत  का  त्यौहार.

Important Dates of Chhath Puja 2011, छठ पूजा व्रत २०११ के महत्त्वपूर्ण दिवस 
Naha Kha- 30/Oct/2011 Kharna / Lohanda – 31/Oct/2011 Sanjha Urga – 1/Nov/2011 Subah Urga – 2/Nov/2011 Paran- 2/Nov/2011
छठ पूजा व्रत २०११ के महत्त्वपूर्ण दिवस-
नहा खा – ३०/अक्तूबर/२०११ खरना / लोहंडा – ३१/अक्तूबर/२०११ सांझा अर्ग – ०१/नवम्बर/२०११ सुबह अर्ग – ०२/नवम्बर/२०११ पारण – ०२/नवम्बर/२०११

Chhath Puja – Dala Chhath 2012 SMS, Text Messages & Wishes

Kumkum bhare kadmo se
aaye suray dev apke dwar,
sukh sampati mile apko apar,
Chhath ki subhkamnai.

Chhath Pooja Ki Hardi Shubkamnaye
Chhath Mata Apki Har ek Manokamna Puri Kare …

On this auspicious occasion,
I wish the color, bliss and beauty of Chhath Puja
remain with you throughout the year!
Happy Chhath!

Happy Chhath Puja Wishes SMS In Hindi

Rath pe hoke sawar
Surya Dev aye apke dwar,
Sukh sampatti mile apko apar
Chhath parv ki subhkamnayen mera aap kare sweekar
Happy Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja SMS And Shayari 2012-2013

Is shubh divas par hum
Dharm ki adharm par vijay ki,
Khushiya manaye!
Wishing u a happy Chat Puja
Thts a celebration of all
Your victories in life.
Happy Chhath Maiya

Chhat Puja Story in hindi

The Chhath Puja, also known as Surya Shashti, is a Hindu festival in which a Puja (worship ritual) is performed to offer thanks to the Sun God, Surya, for supporting all the life on Earth. The Puja is performed with spirited enthusiasm and reverence, on Kartik Shukla Shashti i.e. 6th day of the month of Kartik, according to the Hindu calendar, typically in the month of October or November (as per the Gregorian calendar), exactly 6 days after another famous Hindu festival called Deepawali. Interestingly, Chhath Puja is the only festival in the world where devotees offer salutations to the setting and rising sun to celebrate the significance of the cycle of birth, which starts with death. Being an age old festival, passed on from the Vedic age and the era of Mahabharata, Chhath Puja comprises of ritualistic abstinence from food and other worldly pleasures and comforts.

The festival, spread over four days, starts with the worshipper taking a dip in the holy water of river Ganges or any water body at sunrise. Some of the holy water is brought home by the worshipper for preparation of offerings (Prasad). From this day onwards, the worshipper, to observe ritualistic purity, is segregated from the main household for four days and sleeps on the floor on a single blanket. The following morning, a fast is observed by the worshipper which ends a little after sunset. After eating, another fast that lasts 36 hours is observed by the worshipper. When the day of the ritual arrives, offerings (Prasad) are made to the setting sun and the rising sun, the following morning, and the fasting ends with distribution of the same offerings among the family, friends, and anyone who asks of it.