Why girls ignore you and how to get yourself noticed

If you have ever wondered why girls ignore you then rest assured you are not alone. Many men suffer the force fo rejection when a girl simply ignores you. It could be she ignores you when you try to speak to her, it could be she ignored your texts or perhaps she simply ignores your emails or Facebook messages.
Whenever a women ignores you, it is most likely due to something YOU are doing wrong and can correct really easily. You see women are attracted to high value guys. They want a guy who is at least on her level, if not above. You have to show you are someone of higher value and thus someone she should be communicating with. If a girl is ignoring you, then it is probably safe to assume your physical attraction alone is not going to work.
So lets look at some reason why girls ignore you:

Women may ignore you because you come across as a low value guy.
With social media and mobile phones, making new friends has become even easier. People have expanded their social circles to an extent where they really are saturated and cannot handle more people in their lives. That means that anyone who gets in now, must be able to add some value to her life or they will simply not be worth the effort.
You must be someone who is fun to be around, has a great lifestyle, or is simple interesting (of course having good looks also helps). If you can add nothing to her life, and instead perhaps become a clinger (someone who attached himself to her hoping she adds value to your life) then you most likely have little chance.
The way to raise your value is to start valuing your own life. Have a passion or hobby that you really care about, be it a team sport or a personal interest. Something which you can revolve your life around rather than having it revolve around a woman.Passion is infectious and when you show you have a passion which you are really dedicated too, then by default you become interesting (of course the nature of your passion dictates to how many women you will become interesting so do not expect to pick something weird and expect good results)

Women ignore you because you seem clingy
As mentioned earlier, with ever-increasing social circles women barely have enough time to themselves. IF you want to get to know her then you have to avoid being clingy at all costs. That means of course having a life of your own.
If you text her asking her what she is doing all the time without adding anything of interest to the conversation, then she is likely to simply ignore you. Women do not want to have the stress of someone who is clingy or even socially awkward. They want someone confident who can fit into her busy life, without her having to feel like she has to report in whenever you text.
Texts or messages which ask her to join you on an outing you are already committed to encourage her to reply as she can see you have a life and thus she will find you more interesting.

If she feels you have no life besides her then she will simply feel that you will become clingy and thus will try to avoid adding you into her already packed social life.

Women ignore you because you are simply not interesting.
I have always been an interesting guy but before I learnt pickup I could never get that across to women. I acted without confidence in front of women and seemed to want their approval all the time. This not only made me look weak but made me very uninteresting.
People like others who are interesting. Someone who has interesting stories to tell about their amazing travels or comedic stories of their adventures. They like hearing about someones passion and their ambitions for life. They like people who has the confidence to do something with their lives and is not afraid to stand up and do what is best for himself. That is exactly the person you should aim to be.

If you find yourself uninteresting then try the 100 item list. Sit down and write down 100 things you want to achieve within a year. It may include learning a language, playing a sport, working out regularly, cooking a certain dish or visiting a foreign place but make the list 100 things long. Now you have some aims you job is to tick as many of these things off as you can. If you can find people to share some of those experiences with you then even better, but you must get through as many as you can, and that means doing them alone if you have to.
Once you get through ten of these you will already see yourself become an interesting person who not only has higher value, but does not have the time to be clingy anymore as you have so much more you want to achieve with your time.
Don’t pretend to be something you are not. Actually become the person you were pretending to be.
Changing is a long process. Be sure to bookmark this blog so that you can come back regularly to read other articles.