How to be the Perfect Man for a Woman

Women may be picky, but there are a few guys no woman can resist. Find out how to be the perfect man for a woman you love by using these tips.

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how to be the perfect manYou know that choosing a few role models can actually make you a better man.
But won’t that change who you really are?
Choosing role models may change you, but what you have to understand is that it’ll change you to become exactly the person you really want to be.
After all, you are choosing to learn from role models who inspire you to understand how to be the perfect man.
All of us change constantly, but we don’t realize it ourselves.
If you really want to be the perfect man who is desired by all women, there’s really nothing wrong in choosing to pick pointers from someone who’s already been there and succeeded.
And naturally, you can always add your own twist to the same character to make it more unique and similar to who you are.
How to be the perfect man using a role model
It may be hard for you to walk up to the bartender and say, “Martini. Shaken. Not stirred.”
It may even sound corny and make you look like a wannabe. But if you pick the right role model to perfect your attraction skills, things wouldn’t really sound that corny in the first place.
One of my favorite role models of all time is Kelly, the bad-ass played by Timothy Olyphant in The Girl Next Door. Now he’s one cool dude we’re talking about. Not only is he a producer of porn movies, he’s a stud who can take the pants off any woman in a flash. You could be that guy too. He’s definitely my pick!
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The best way to fit like a snug glove into another character’s pants is by watching them, their gestures and their tone whenever you can. Interviews, movie roles, or watching the same movie a few times can help you get there. Stand in front of the mirror and try repeating the same groovy moves, slur or drawl, smile mischievously, do all the wishy-washy stuff and basically be everything that character is.
At first, you might find it hard and stupid, but once you’re a star, trust me, you’d notice the impressed reactions yourself. And a lot of girls will notice it too, you perfect man!
Copying a few moves is never a bad thing
Look, I know you’re hot stuff. But you’ve been missing the bright enlightening light of reason. You may be going out with someone already, but having a role model could have you more polished and refined. And anyways, everyone has their own role models, whether they realize it or not.
But what makes the difference between a Mr. Sexy and Mr. Yawn is the role model they choose to follow. And just in case you’ve been too busy to have heard, even chimps have their own role models in their group. See, even a primate knows what he’s got to do to woo his she-buddy. Trust me, everyone needs a good role model now and then if they have to understand how to be the perfect man. After all, men aren’t born perfect, a few regular joes metamorphose and become perfect men over time.
I have my own role models who’ve helped me become the man I am today. I learnt to look good while running on the treadmill after watching 50 cent in “In da club”. I learnt to look good while running fast from Tom Cruise. I learnt to speak with passion after watching William Wallace in Braveheart. And I understood how to sound confident and yet charming by watching Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.
Some may call a guy with a lot of role models a phony. But seriously, as long as you learn from others and become a better man, what’s even wrong in that? And as long as you carry it off well, no one’s ever going to know that you’re picking tips on how to be a perfect man from the movies or from your real life role models.
How can role models make you the perfect man?
We’re all strong willed men with lead laden egos inflated in our heads, but then, how can we be the best men we could ever be, especially when we’re not judged constantly? That’s where a role model can make all the difference.
You don’t need to be an exact replica, but a few tips now and then can make a big difference in our lives. Even though you think you’re the best example of the human male species, there may be times when you wonder yourself if there’s some hidden flaw in you. Why did that girl dislike me? Why are girls not swooning over me?
It’s at times of rejection and dejection when we actually open our eyes, and ask ourselves that hateful ego shattering nut-cracker.
So the easiest way to be a perfect man is by getting inspired by a certain trait of your role model’s personality and using it onto yourself and becoming the perfect person. Most guys always have that big question, “what’s wrong with me?” when the actual question they should be asking is “how can I get better?” Once you make yourself a better person by having a few role models, you would feel a lot more confident, and would definitely be the chick magnet you’ve always wanted to be.
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Attracting women with role models
You may be a great guy, but to woo the hottest girl in town, you need to be more than that. Have you looked around at the world that’s whizzing around you? There are so many great guys everywhere. They know to talk, to make girls laugh, and basically have a great time!
So even if you’re great, how different can you be from any of the lot? And you know that hot woman you’ve wanted to go out with gets constant attention from everyone in her world. So do you have it in you, that zing thing that can have her dreaming of you, even if all you’ve spent is one minute with her?
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Perhaps you just need a role model to help you become the perfect man for her. Remember, women will come to you when you are the best you can be. Good guys are a dime a dozen these days, it’s the perfect man that all great women want. And there’s nothing wrong in taking a few pointers from others who are more successful with women, even if it’s a character you’re talking about. What say you, Mr. Hitch, or is that going to be Jerry Maguire, or perhaps, Daniel Ocean? [Read: Why are women fickle in love?]
How to be the perfect man without being corny
Now, let’s not get carried away or take flight into seventh heaven in your pursuit to understand how to be the perfect man. Look at where your feet are and land hard. There are role models and then, there are over-the-top role models.
When you want to be someone else, take away a few attributes that may be a tad over the top for your life. James Bond’s lines and Don Corleone’s attitude are awesome on screen. Off it, there can be nothing cornier. When you use gestures of role models or movie characters, never ever go all out. Speaking like Forrest Gump is sweet, but remember that it’s still you mouthing those lines.
Just be yourself, and add in a few traits along the way. That way, you’re still yourself, with a chick magnet improvement.
Don’t ever just pick one role model though, that’ll end up making you a replica of a movie character. Instead of becoming a chick magnet, you’d end up repulsing all women!
If you want to know how to be the perfect man and woo any woman you like, pick a few traits from different characters and blend them into your own. It’s the safest and the best way forward, when you take the easy and successful role model way.
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When you use these tips on how to be the perfect man, you’d see that all you need to impress women and attract their attention are a few great movies or interviews, a few role models and the will to learn from others and become the perfect man.

Romantic Gifts for your Partner

Having a hard time picking out the perfect gift for your sweetheart? Here’s a list of great gifts that can be memorable and romantic at the same time.

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Romantic Gifts for your Partner1. Greeting Cards
An all time favorite and accessory.
2. Paintings and Modern Art
Art lovers would definitely appreciate this one. And their walls would look great too.
3. A Carved Piece of Wood with your Names
A very romantic gift and this also shows you’re more than just money and easy gifts.
4. A Romantic Candlelight Dinner
Just enjoy each other’s company at a romantic restaurant. Get lost in each other’s eyes.
5. A Song Dedication on the Radio
This can be a cute and lovely proclamation of love to your sweetheart.
6. A Book on Kamasutra
Want to explore each other on your partner’s special day? This can be a great gift and can be a lot of fun too.
7. Expensive Sunglasses
Perfect if your partner just loves their glam shades!
8. A Romantic Movie followed by a Long Drive
When you’ve done everything and can’t think of anything new, this one is the best.
9. Video Message of your Love
Proclaim your love through a recorded message. This would last forever and it’s great to see this again a decade later!
10. A Love Calendar with your Photos
Get a few digital printouts of your photos on a calendar and have them bound together. The perfect year guaranteed!

Endless Love...Ally & Vinny's Love Story

Endless Love...Ally & Vinny's Love Story

In 1993, while still in middle school, two shy, ackward 12 year olds met in their 6th grade class. He was tall, lanky, goofy and mature for his age...she was tall, a litle chubby but pretty, and really involved in life and school activities. From the second he met her, he loved her. His eyes were transfixed on her sea green eyes and her infectious laugh. She thought he was sweet, but other than that, she didn't give him the time of day. He did everything to win her attention, but all she found in him was a best friend. For years she confided in him about all her secrets, her problems, made him approve of every boyfriend (which he didn't always do and she didnt always listen), until 2 years later, he moved to CT with his family. He was grief stricken to lose the girl he loved, she missed her best friend. The two friends remained in constant contact (he even had his parents drive 3 hours to be a part of a chorus concert, just to be with her) but didnt get to see one another again until they were 18 years old. That whole time, he had held out hope for her, and when she came to visit him, she told him they should date. He was estatic, she wasn't overly serious.
Not long after, she wrote him telling him that she loved him but that it wouldn't work. He was crushed....she moved on. Yet still he held out hope. When she was 20, she got married...eloped...and did not tell him. He found out through her mother and was furious that he did not know about it. He tried to regain her friendship, but her husband was controling and would not allow it...they didnt speak again for 4 years. Then by the grace of God, she divorced him. He was sorry that she had been hurt (abused), but knew that she did not belong with him...they began a friendship again and she invited him down to meet the new guy she was dating and get his approval...just like always....This time, she noticed something in him. He grew into an amazingly handsome, ambitious, funny and intelligent man. Now, at 24 years old, they both began to see something in each other that had not been possible before...a future. She could not focus on her boyfriend, but remained with him, longing for him.
A few months passed and they remained friends still and talked almost every day. She invited him down memorial day weekend for her grandmother's 80th birthday and he came...for her. And then it happened....he kissed her. He didnt care any more about the other guys, or what she was doubting...he had to get his point across that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her....she kissed him back. They spent the weekend talking and making love until dawn and things changed. They fell in love....nothing else mattered. They were best friends since they were little they were lovers, they were complete. She admitted this to her boyfriend, he was crushed, she was sorry....but so happy....She told him that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him too....he backed away! This was so confusing for both of them! You may ask....why did he back away!? This is what he wanted all along! You see, the love of his life, his best friend, had cancer and a heart defect that could cause problems later on. He was afraid to lose her...he didnt want to watch her die. He thought, if he were just her friend, it wouldnt hurt as much if she died. She cried, she pleeded, he thought....He decided...Now that he had the best, second best would never do. He said yes, he would be with her always. She cant forget his smile, his kiss, his touch and is anxiously awaiting the day they can be together always (they live 3 hours apart).....He is happy knowing that he finally gets to love forever, the woman he has loved all along. Their parents are thrilled for them....they hope to be married some time in 2007.....
This is my love story.... Ally

True Love Stories – My True Love

Have you ever had a crush in school that lasted years? Were you ever able to sum up the courage to ask your crush out, or tell them how you feel? Here’s one of the sweetest true love stories that lasted years and took a whole new turn in the end.

true love stories
The unfolding of all true love stories
Today I met him, the boy in the middle of this whole love story.
Back in eight grade of my schooling, I had a huge crush on him.
Actually, when I say huge, it’s a complete understatement. I had a gargantuan crush on that guy.
It was like one of those fairytale love stories your grandmother would have made up, to convince you to get married.
I believed in that fairytale. I believed in love, and him, just as much.
During my pinky frilly days (minus the pink and frill, realistically I was a tomboy), I was the goon in school, and a good one at that.
I bullied my schoolmates who picked on nice kids like me. You know the ones, spotty, wearing cheap plastic glasses that covered more than just the eyes, the whole face really.
As cool as we considered ourselves to be, in reality my friends and I were actually the dorky geeks of the school. My pals and I were uncool and shunned by the so called “cooler people”.
On the contrary, the teachers loved geeks like me. We had the best grades, the simplest hairstyles and we were the best-behaved children. But I was also good at sports. Sports were given a lot of importance in our school and sportsmen in my school were like the quarterbacks in Hollywood teen movies. They were the idols. My spectacles never came between me and my star status. Until I fell in love.
If you were to ask me about the whole deal now, I would call it silly.
But then, I never felt silly. It was a serious and dramatic chapter for me in my life.
The beginning of my true love story
I remember the day when I first saw him and it feels like it was just yesterday. My friends and I were walking on the loggia and then, just like in one of the H-Town mush movies, time just stood still. The dry leaves stopped in midair and so did the rest of the world. He was coming from the other side with his pals. He was so handsome, so dashing and so all that. Who was he? He was a senior, and two years older than me. I got to know that later that day. [Read: Understanding the emotions of love at first sight]
Where there is a will, there is a way, especially when it comes to information. I was in eighth grade and he was in tenth grade. Wow! His class was very close to the ladies’ room. I started frequenting the loo so much that my teacher had to send me to the sick room to check if I had some bladder infection. She was right, I did have an infection. It was love.
Within no time I had all the information about him. He had an elder brother who was married. He lived near the city hall. And he went by the route ‘3’ bus. Sadly, I went home by route ‘1’ bus.
I tried going once by route ‘3’ bus. He was there, reclining in the back seats, talking and flirting with his girlfriends. It wasn’t a pleasant sight. To make things worse, going by route ‘3’ meant that I had to walk four miles back home. [Read: The ten types of love you'll experience in life]
I wanted him to know that I liked him but at times, I wanted the secret to die with me. Now I wonder if that was limerence or true love I was feeling for him. I guess there was that bit of girliness underneath my skin of a tomboy. How could I tell him, should I even tell him, and other questions along those lines became more important to me than algebra and differentiation.
I loved him, I was sure of that then. I wanted to marry him and live happily ever after. All this, without ever knowing whether there was a girl in his life or whether he would ever like me. I was pretty sure he would like me. He was supposed to. Everyone liked me. Why wouldn’t he? I could never summon the courage to tell him.
The days passed and I passed into my ninth grade. Now I was a big girl who was trying to hide the tomboy in the closet. I was a girl who was trying to be a girl. I grew my hair despite my battles with the comb. My skirt got shorter and my socks got lower. Although I wasn’t allowed to wax in my traditional school, I didn’t have to worry about that. I had great legs. I wanted to lure him with my beauty. I was beautiful although I wore glasses. [Read: How to seduce a guy who isn't yours]
In ninth grade, my class ended up being the one opposite his and I didn’t have to frequent the loo to see him anymore. One time, he got a sty in his eye and I felt like I had one too, the whole week. I had two Valentine’s Day cards, two get-well-soon cards, and one Congratulations card when he won the Badminton’s Title. Although I never gave any of them to him. And how could I have given it to him, he didn’t even know that I loved him.
The first conversation of love
But I was certain that he knew about my secret love story, how could he not know that I loved him when the whole world knew it. The sky, the trees, the earth, my badminton racquet that I picked up when I knew it was his favorite game, and all my friends. How could he be so ignorant of my eyes which were so full of love and my heart which sighed every time I saw him?
I never tried to conceal my love, but I didn’t want to force him to love me. I had walked half the distance for him and wanted him to cross the rest. I knew he would come. Every year, a sports tournament was organized by the school and students from all the schools across the country participated in it. It was a big event in September. It was a very exciting experience and the perfect platform to meet new faces and a chance to express your crush, love and… whatever!
I was being desperate and itching to shed the goody-two-shoes. If only I could tell him, everything would settle. Feminism was in, a lot of girls ask guys out, and I was not an alien. [Read: How to get a guy to ask you out in 9 sneaky ways]
I made up my mind to tell him in the Badminton court. I had kept a nice frock for the occasion. I wore it, tied my hair in a ponytail, applied home-stolen scarlet lipstick, and my aunt’s heels (which were way too big for me). I was ready to dispatch myself for the mission.
He was there as expected, like the Prince Charming of Cinderella. And I was his Cinderella, only without the glass slippers. Or so I thought. I went to the court where he was practicing and occupied a corner. He was playing and I had to wait for him. He looked at me and I waved. He turned away, no hints there. I stood there for an hour and he was still playing. Why can’t he stop for a minute and listen to me? Maybe he wanted to meet me alone and so was pretending to play.
My mind was working furiously. But I could see that he wasn’t focused on the game as he was missing many shots. He walked up to me. “Hey, whom are you waiting for?”
“Y…ouu…” All I could manage to say, after stuttering for a minute.
“Me, why?” he asked in mock surprise. By then I had summoned all my courage, enough to tell him that it was important to talk to him alone and somewhere less public. So we were walking together. He was eying me intensely. I got the heebie jeebies, and yet, it excited me. It was a difficult walk, as my heels were too big for me. But I loved it, the walk. After walking a while, he stopped abruptly. “What do you want from me?”
“You” I blurted without hesitation. Cheesy and ego shattering, but what can a ninth grader say when all they used to watch back in those days was Animal Planet. He was amused. Oh wow, he likes me. “You are kidding, right?” he asked me. I could only shake my head for no.
“So is that why you’re wearing a Christmas frock in September and putting on scarlet lipstick. To lure me for a date? You look like a fool. Didn’t you see the mirror before coming here? Go home and put that lipstick in your locker if you want to attract a boy sometime in your life. You’re a child and I don’t date children.”
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The end of love as I knew it
Snip, snip… with each word that he uttered, he was snipping away all the confidence I ever had. He walked away. I sat on the ground. I didn’t know when I got back home. I could never love again. I was shattered. A year passed but my love for him never changed even after his harsh words.
I loved him the same way I did the first day I saw him. That love had made me a real girl. My friends too had grown up. A very dear friend of mine used to travel in the same school bus as he did. She was more beautiful than me. And she didn’t wear glasses. She got friendly with him. It was done with a purpose to bring him to me. There was a ray of hope at last. But instead of bringing him to me, she hooked up with him. They fell in love with each other. [Read: Experiencing unrequited love]
Time passed by and I really grew up this time. I passed my years with good grades. My friend and he were still together. I was still friends with her too. To pursue my education, I went to the big city where my parents lived. But the memories of my small town dorms and him were with me all the time. Could I ever forget him? When I first got to my parent’s place, I didn’t like the big city. It was just too big. And there were no things such as friendship, everyone was in his or her own boat rowing on to crush others.
A true love story rekindled
But then I clung close to my parents and I loved it. I was tuned to my studies and made myself forget the whole heart-breaking “trauma” of my teen years. Do you think I could ever make the folly of falling in love again? I never did believe I would.
But I did fall in love again. There was this guy, my neighbor. For the first time in my life I was a girly girl who actually was hogging all the stares of the men from Mars, and vicious green stares from Venusian eyes. For the first time in my life, I started flirting. “Harmless flirting”, that’s what one of my cousins called it. My neighbor was very handsome and I could say, quite interested too. [Read: Tips to flirt without really flirting]
So we started our little game of “harmless flirting”. We would look at each other and smile. But there was nothing more than that. No words. He was good, with words (gestures actually, as we never spoke to each other) and I was mesmerized by his eyes. I never thought that I could fall in love all over again. I was a veteran in love long before it was time to be one.
I had left everything of my past behind, even the phone numbers and addresses of my friends. I was happy with my new found flirting partner. I had my future clearly etched for me. I would study hard as I always did, get a job and would flirt with him for a change, if he ever remained around that long.
I was going through a blank frame of mind for a few days and the occasional veranda flirt also failed to cheer me up. So I completely avoided going out on the balcony for two days. One time, as I was sauntering home after school, I saw him. My flirting friend. Whoa, what was he doing here? He waved his hands and gestured towards me. I felt like I was in a stupor, I went to him. “Where were you the last two days?” he asked.
So he could use his mouth to communicate. Interesting.
“I was wondering if something happened to you”, he added.
“No, I am fine”, I managed to say. It was one thing to flirt from your balcony, but a completely different thing to talk to him, that too in front of your school. “Wanna have coffee?” he asked all of a sudden. “Uhm, oh, ok” Whew, I could talk to him too, though in monosyllables. He took me to a café. I was on my first date. [Read: Signs that a guy is into you]
My first date with love
My first date, and I was so not ready for it! There I was on my first date. The worst part was that he was looking so handsome. And he was talking to me like he knew me for years. I was too busy thinking. He was asking why he didn’t see me on the balcony the last two days. I just shrugged my shoulder and said, “Blame my shitty mood”. I couldn’t believe that I had cussed in front of him. Ding Ding! Minus two hundred points!
My first date was converting into a disaster and I was the jackass axing the branch I was sitting on. Believe it or not, surprisingly, it didn’t end in a disaster. He asked me out and we met frequently afterwards. He was pursuing a graduate degree. And I got to know much more about him and his family as the time passed. His name is Andrew. Not a romantic name. [Read: How to be a great date all the time]
But today I can tell you that he is the most romantic person in the world. He is responsible for bringing out the lost confidence in me and I am not afraid to be myself with him. He is mine and I could ask for nothing more. He proposed to me and it was the best day of my life. Of course, I accepted and we’re going to get married soon.
Just last month, my first crush tracked me down on Facebook. He got my number from one of my old classmates and called me up. He was in the city and wanted to meet. Why? Just like that, an acquaintance with an old friend was what he said. He was begging me to meet him. I told him that I would meet him at a café the next evening. I was so not looking forward to meeting him though.
When I discussed it with my fiancé, he told me to go and meet the guy. “Talking has never killed anyone and as long as your old love story doesn’t rekindle, I have no issues.” He was teasing me. That “old love story” had failed to revive after all those long years. I wasn’t even able to remember his full name.
After work the next day, I went to meet this guy. Surprisingly, I was able to recognize him. He hadn’t changed one bit. But something was different this time, I wasn’t feeling that tingle. Nothing. Zilch. It felt like he was just a stranger that I had bumped into for a conversation. Perhaps I had grown up or perhaps the pages of my love story were filled with another man’s name.
I wasn’t feeling any bitterness towards him either. The half hour with him felt like a business meeting. No emotions or fake emotions exchanged. I couldn’t even understand why he even wanted to meet me. We were never friends. When I told him that I was engaged, he seemed shocked.
“You can’t do that to me, I like you a lot!” he said all of a sudden. [Read: How men really fall in love]
“What do you mean by that?”
His reaction was a surprise to me. “Your scarlet lipstick looks good on you,” he reminded me, hoping to rekindle that day when I was crazy about him.
But it hit me the other way, and the pain of that evening came rushing back to me. I just looked at him, blankly. “I don’t want you to live in the past.” I wasn’t able to hold back words this time around.
“It was just a childhood crush. Please don’t take it seriously. I am fine with my life and have no clue why you’re bringing this up, and now, after all these years. I am happy with my partner and wish you can find someone nice for yourself too. Please don’t get in touch with me again. Good luck with your life.” I told him and rushed home to meet my love.
We can all fall in love plenty of times, but there’s always that one special time when we come across a perfectly true love story in your own life. [Read: How to get the perfect boyfriend]
So don’t be afraid to fall in love, and don’t ever give up on it, because romantic true love stories may seem like a fairytale, but they’re usually always waiting for you right around the corner.

How to Remove and Delete Facebook Account and Profile Permanently

How to Remove and Delete Facebook Account and Profile Permanently

Facebook offers a convenient way to deactivate Facebook account. However, deactivation of Facebook does not completely and permanently the Facebook profile and accoucnt.

According to Facebook FAQ, deactivate Facebook account will render user’s profile and all information associated with it immediately inaccessible to other Facebook users. In other words, the account is effectively disappear from the Facebook service. However, the Facebook account is not been purged from Facebook’s servers. Instead, the profile information (friends, photos, interests, etc.) is saved, so that the account can be recovered and reactivated in future with the information intact if the user decides to do so, or regret on the deactivation decision.
Permanently delete the Facebook account will completely remove and purge all personally identifiable information associated with the Facebook account from Facebook database. This includes information like name, email address, mailing address, and IM screen name. However, do note that copies of some material (photos, notes, etc.) may remain in Facebook servers for technical reasons, but this material is disassociated from any personal identifiers and completely inaccessible to other users.
Facebook users who want to get rid of Facebook once and for what, and do not think that he or she will use Facebook again, Facebook provides a way to delete the account. Once Facebook account is deleted, it’s impossible to reactivate the account or retrieve any of the content or information previously associated in the account. There is no option for recovery once Facebook account is deleted.
To delete a Facebook account, log in to the Facebook account, and then submit the “Delete My Account” at
Delete and Remove Facebook Account
Click on Submit button. Enter the password to confirm it’s your account, and the captcha security spam check. Then click on Okay button. An email will be sent to indicate that the Facebook account will be deleted in 14 days.
Confirm Delete Facebook
During the 14 days account deletion grace period, do not login or sign in to Facebook account, nor perform any action utilizing Facebook, such as Share on Facebook on Like in Facebook, or login and sign up to other websites by using Facebook Connect (Facebook user name and password credentials). Any interaction and usage of the Facebook account during the period will prevent the account from being deleted.
Alternative Method to Delete Facebook Account
If the above official method to delete the Facebook account fails, it’s also possible to email Facebook to request them to delete your Facebook account directly. The email address is:
Within a few days (allows up to a week), an email response should be sent by Facebook to confirm that the account has been permanently deleted.
If there is no response from Facebook, and you can still access your Facebook account or given an option to reactivate the account, try email Facebook again, with the following three email addresses:

The Facebook account is permanently deleted when user cannot login to the account anymore, and there is not message which offers user a chance to reactivate the Facebook account.

Ryan Sutter Running the Boston Marathon for Ethan Zohn

 Survivor winner Ethan Zohn was unable to try to qualify for the Boston Marathon this year since he's battling a recurrence of Hodgkin's lymphoma – so his friend, former Bachelorette star Ryan Sutter, is stepping up to the plate.

Sutter will run Monday's marathon in support of Grassroot Soccer, the charity Zohn co-founded.

"Ryan is proof that you don't have to have a diagnosis to be affected by a life-threatening disease," Zohn, 38, tells PEOPLE. "I'm so impressed with his passion to help others. He stepped up for me before and is doing it again. ... To me, that's inspiring!"

Zohn ran the New York marathon in November, but a recent stem-cell transplant will prohibit him from participating in Boston's race.

According to Zohn, the procedure was "the most grueling test of strength and will that I have ever experienced."

"Every day I woke up afraid that I may not make it out alive," he said. "That being said, I have taken that fear and used it to keep me motivated to focus on the positives that have come from my experience."

More than 40 days after receiving the stem-cell transplant from his brother, Zohn said he is gaining strength and has recently started jogging and playing light soccer.

"It's not easy, but I'm getting stronger every day," Zohn tells PEOPLE. "I may not say it as much as I should, but all the love and support means the world to me."