Poonam Pandey strips for Virat Kohli

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli has a huge fan following. After leading team India to victory against Pakistan in the on-going Asia Cup Kohli has one more fan who is going all her way out to show her loyalty.
Poonam Pandey is stripping down to her basics and has posted a bikini picture on a public forum but only for Virat Kohli as a gift for his brilliant performance.
Strip queen Poonam Pandey posted a picture in white lingerie for the hot cricketer on Twitter.
She tweeted: "#thankyoukohli for giving us such a great victory"
"Very well played Kohli! massive applauds to your spirit! You done us proud today and we will always remember this special innings #indvspak"
She then goes on to post her pic in minimal for Kohli, "NewPic wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww whattta match muwaaaaah luv u virattttt."
Her tweet updates shows how the model was hooked on to the television set and watching Virat Kohli's inning very intently.
But this is not the first time Pandey has stripped. She does it at the drop of her hat and at every minuscule opportunity.
The starlet has used cricket to promote herself in her previous tweets as well.
She had recently tweeted her old nude picture for Sachin Tendulkar when he scored his 100th ton.
So next time another cricketer scores a ton Poonam Pandey might get busy again with her stripping session.

Strange partners: Kiran Bedi, Poonam Pandey

India’s anti-corruption crusader and former top cop Kiran Bedi says, any supporters, even controversial bibkin models like Poonam Pandey are welcome to join the crusade against graft. India's first female police officer is ready to share a common platform with all kinds of newsmakers for a cause.
The Ramon Magsaysay Award Winner said, “We have no complaints,” about Bollywood stars and controversial models who have large number of fan following joining their crusade. These celebritites would be welcome to support Team Anna against corruption.
“Every support is welcome. The youth of this generation are brave, motivated and have the courage to fight. There are some who are more attracted to glamour. But we welcome them to our camp as well,” said the member of Team Anna, who was felicitated by Harshad Mehta, Indian businessman and philanthropist and prominent diamond merchant.
A team of social activists led by Anna Hazare have been leading the fight against corruption in India and acting upon the government for a strong anti-corruption law called the Jan Lokpal Bill.
Speaking to Emirates 24|7 Bedi welcomed non-resident Indians to join hands in the fight against corruption. “Unfortunately NRI’s do not have effective voting rights. But they are the main source of foreign exchange and the remittances have greatly contributed to the progress of the Indian economy,” said Bedi.
“India has already lost a lot. We cannot afford to lose much more. We do need effective governance. It is not sufficient to have a good Prime Minister. We need an effective and efficient Prime Minister,” said Bedi, who is visiting the region to raise awareness about her Navjyoti India Foundation, an organization working among the slum dwellers in India’s urban areas.
Denying any differences between the members of Team Anna, she said, “We are united in our fight against corruption. There might be some differences of approach but we are fighting for the same cause,” she said.
When asked where does Team Anna go from here in its fight against corruption, she said, “We are charting our next course of action.”

Adhinayakudu Telugu Movie Review

Balakrishna's 3 characters:
-->Old Character: He is peace loving leader, who lives for his people. He is seen in one song.
-->Middle aged character: This is most powerful character of all the three. He will be seen with beard. This role has more violence. He is seen in one song. His dialogues, with political touch, would fetch good response. His character name is Ram Krishna Prasad.
-->Young character: Besides being romantic and more of songs presence, this character turns violent at times too. He is Software Engineer. His character name is Kittu, AKA Bobby.
Lakshmi Rai sizzled with her oomph glamour and skin show in her role-Deepu. Saloniis good looking in her role-Sravani, but she looked very much younger than Balakrishna.
Kota Srinivasa Rao is apt as JC Diwakara Reddy. Jayasudha essayed well the role of wife of Old Balakrishna character.
Brahmanandham is hilarious as Brahmam, a fishing enthusiast and brought much needed laughs and Venu is funny.
Dialogues:-->software engineer lu bhoomulu konakoodademitiraa.....malli valla jolikosteee..
-->Pure business trend needhi, perfect bhajana trend naadhi
-->Nenu matladedappudu gonthu lo sound perigina, matalo maryadha taggina, (balayya warns baddie with his finger and folding his tongue)
-->Ee abhimananni recha godithey tattukolevu..
-->Manchi naayakudu prajala gundello vundaale gaanee, roddu meeda bommaallo kaadu. Vunnattundi ee vigrahaala raajakeeyam enduku modalu pettaavo chebuthaavaa? Cheppinchamantaavaa?
Technical aspects:
The story is this flick is out-dated, but the director Parchuri Murali has put in many commercial elements to cover up that. He sketched the three different roles of Balayya in an outstanding way and this is one of the major assets for this film and extracted powerful mass performance. Screenplay is foreseeable and direction is very good in parts. Inducing the movie with political dialogues having indirect references to current day politics will fetch good response from audience. Though Second half has reduced commercial elements, it is compensated by the gripping family drama and emotional content, to make this movie attract different sections of audience.

Kalyani Mallik's Rerecording deserves special mention. The song he had composed for the movie suited Balayya's image but to normal audience, they might be a bit outdated. Sameer Reddy's cinematography technique is good. Art by Chinna is good even though he had commercial constraints. Costumes designer and Wig designer for Balakrishna are real culprits. They are totally mismatch for Balayya.
1st half:-->Most of the first half has Young Balakrishna and this role is more for songs and a couple of action sequences
-->Heroines are there just to sizzle in songs and extreme skin show
-->Good comedy by Brahmanandham and Venu, but not outstanding
-->Among all songs, only one song is catchy in entire first half
-->Director conceived the Interval episode well, which is the main highlight of first half, apart from some commercial elements
-->Overall 1st half is poor in content with unimpressive scenes, though director included some comedy, romance, a couple of massive fights and other commercial elements. First half reveals the key roles and story is set up for second half.
2nd Half:
-->Story main plot line starts and creates much needed interest in the movie. Flashback episode is the real highlight of this film.
-->Some heavy sentimental scenes with family drama and strong emotional scenes make audience involved to some extent
-->Slow paced narration at times tests audience patience
-->Tile song and one more song are good among all songs in second half
-->When movie runs towards climax, 30 mins of film has some emotional treat to fans and commercial movie lovers
-->Movie opens with stylish titles and followed by a shocking twist showing old Balakrishna.
-->The movie is completely one man show. Balakrishna plays key roles and he took care of carrying the movie on his shoulders.
-->The first half of the movie has good commercial aspects, which includes entertainment drama, comedy, and romantic scenes.
-->The main lead role of the Movie Adhinayakudu enters in second half, who is the old man of Balakrishna.
-->The action sequences and dialogs of the movie are awesome.
-->The old character of the movie nearly 20 min flash back episode.
-->Balakrishna old role is excellent at times. The middle character is full of mass and violence.
-->The title song is excellent and two more songs with Lakshmirai, Saloni are good.
This is a commercial emotional flick with political and faction backdrop, which might appeal to Nandamuri fans just like the film Dhammu. As the film is on Political backdrop, this bi-election season might fetch good response for this flick. Though this flick in no way meets the range of Simha, it has some good commercial elements to pull the mass audience and some emotional and family sentiment to pull family audience. Though some scenes came out very well, this film has the capability of becoming only above average. Overall, this film might strike the right chord of Nandamuri fans and B, C centres audience only!
Rating: 2.5/5 - Average

Sonakshi Sinha is not a bold actress!

Sonakshi Sinha is one actress in the Bollywood industry, who has made it very clear from the start that she is not a very bold person and is not open to doing item numbers. However, if the item song is presented in the right way, she will consider doing it.

“I haven’t been offered any item number till now. If there is a good song, I am convinced enough and I am presented in a right way, then why not,” Sonakshi Sinha told reporters Tuesday.

The actress is busy promoting her second film, Rowdy Rathore. She shares screen space with Akshay Kumar. The film is directed by Prabhu Deva. It releases Friday.

Talking about “Chammak challo chail chabeeli” in “Rowdy Rathore”, Sonakshi says,
“‘Chammak challo chail chabeeli’ is not an item song. It’s a very situational song with a wedding as its backdrop,” she explained.

Like Dabangg, Sonakshi Sinha will re live her demure village belle in Rowdy Rathore, too.

“I am not waiting to get a role that will change my desi girl image, but still if I get something, which requires me to be more westernised and my character is good I won’t mind doing it. Right now I am happy representing my own culture,” she said.

In Defense of Satyameva Jayate: An Answer to Those Criticizing Aamir’s Show

After the euphoric rise and the subsequent fizzling of Anna Hazare’s corruption campaign, our national consciousness has been rattled again. This time the platform is more engaging, well executed and hovers around hosts of social vices that have maligned the deeper fabrics of the Indian society.
The deadly silence that has pervaded within the hearts and minds of millions of our citizens for years has found a robust public platform for expression. Sundays have never been so cathartic for the thousands of meek and innocent voices who have faced embarrassing and sleazy attitude of their own caretakers, relatives and acquaintances. For millions glued to their TV sets, on the always neglected, commercially nonviable, Sunday 11 am slot, Satyamev Jayate (SJ) brings a refreshing change from the uninspiring sameness of multiple reality shows that have mushroomed on the small screen, in the recent years.
The brainchild of the maverick youth icon and cult Bollywood star, Aamir Khan, SJ has received staggering number of Twitter followers, unprecedented TRPs, national and international media coverage and has broken all broadcasting barriers to be aired in multiple languages, covering an array of regional channels, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. From the age-old, nostalgic Doordarshan to the radios, newspapers, social media, and websites; SJ has been a huge marketing success, resting as much on the laurels of its host’s brand image, as on its quality, well-researched, craftily documented and emotionally wrenching content.
Just four episodes into the show and it have attracted tremendous response from the ‘aam junta’, with the state governments launching mass efforts to curb the vices highlighted in SJ. Amidst all the new surge of optimism surrounding SJ, there have been some preposterous claims that have tried tooth and nail, often overdoing arguments, to just prove one point that ultimately it is Aamir Khan and Star TV, who will emerge winners from this show. Personally, I have no association with Aamir Khan and neither I’m an employee involved with the show. Just like any other Indian, I’m too analyzing this issue from my own sense of understanding.
Firstly, I believe, we should keep economics out of this debate. There has been an incessant hue and cry related to the mind boggling money Aamir is charging per episode and the copyright deals he holds. It is to be noted that Aamir has never tried to take the role of an actor-turned social activist, living an altruistic life with no bank balance. He is very sure about his task. He is doing a show to the best of his abilities and he is taking his work seriously, like his movies. He is doing his work professionally. That’s it. Who are we to challenge his fee and financial commitments? As audience and people who like to see him on screen, we should only judge his shows based on its quality. Many people may not be aware but on ethical grounds, Aamir had dropped all his advertising commitments for complete two years, just for this show.
Secondly, many people have frequently argued that they are aware of these vices. It would have been much better if he had debated on the solutions rather than desperately making everyone cries. It is quite obvious that nowhere in the show Aamir challenges to solve all the problems. Neither is he underestimating the scope and extent of the issues he is covering. His letters to the CM of Rajasthan or SMSes to garner support from public are just a few steps, to come closer to solutions (contrary to what Sohini Ghosh has argued in Kafila on May 9 and Farah Naqvi in The Hindu of May 12, 2012).
Thirdly, we should not expect intellectual and legal debates within a one and a half hour program. It is beyond the purview of limited-time shows to conclude final solutions to problems when there are courts and constitution to really filter the issues and come out with speedy solutions. We should understand that a TV show in our country will be unsuccessful to reach to everyone if it is full of complex data, legal jargons and too much details. SJ is just raising awareness. And why we tend to forget that it is trying to reach to the lowest common denominator in our society? The simplicity of the show is meant to reach people of all classes. Any praises for the simplicity of the show?
Fourthly, we should view the role of today’s media in our lives. Barring few talk shows, live debates and decent programs, all we feed on is eye draining soap operas and incessant abuses of reality shows. Even if we take a look at Bollywood, a major fraction of our movies are just casual Bollywood chick flicks, with quite unrealistic portrayal of India. Honestly, Karan Johar romantic numbers and the royal lifestyle of their characters are rarely the truth of the Indian youth. In such cases, if we are being shown the stark reality of our country, we should face them head on. It is fantastic that we are being made aware of our vices, which should awaken us to eliminate them. SJ is also spreading some deep sociology lessons, for the major fraction of Indian youth is least aware of the nitty-gritty of our society. Why so much fusses to face our demons?
Fifthly, SJ gives us some cues to make our society frank, open and educated. It gives us examples to drop all cultural prejudices and blind faith in old age customs. After watching the four episodes, don’t you think we undoubtedly need sex education, marriage counseling, psychiatrists, emergency helpline numbers, parent counseling and school counselors? We need them and in huge numbers.
Lastly, no show, no revolution and no personality can change us unless, beyond a certain point, we make efforts to change ourselves. We should be least bothered about what will Aamir do post his show. Instead of thinking about his PR image, we should try to extract the positive messages from his show, which he is doing with unwavering dedication to perfection.
I have also read ridiculous controversies associated to SJ or Aamir Khan. Some people have problems because they find it irritating to see Aamir looking down at them, on every nook and corner of the billboards of their cities. Some think he is faking emotions and acting to seek audience. Some want instant and cooked solutions. Some think nothing will change in this country and celebrities like Aamir Khan are just filling their wallets by exploiting human emotions. Some have time to sit for hours and enjoy unpredictable, quite arbitrary IPL matches but not to listen to some research and data about their country’s situation.
Our collective memory is very weak and our individual memories don’t work unless the problem happens to us or to our closed ones. The point is not to waste our time debating on futile issues related to SJ but to really be aware and take action to change our nation. How should every citizen do it? By just SMSing Aamir? Definitely not. Wherever you’re. Whatever you’re. Ensure that you and your family are doing your best to break the habitual norms of these social vices. That will be perhaps your best effort. Even if 1% of this 121 crore strong nation is able to change its attitude, I think Aamir Khan’s endless gyaanbazi and the so-called irritating marketing gimmicks will be palatable to us. What say, India?
Satyamev Jayate.