CBSE Class X results declared late on Monday

Schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in Bangalore were taken unawares with the board announcing results of Class X for Chennai Region late on Monday evening.
In fact, many of the school authorities got to know of the announcement only after queries by the media and said they were not intimated earlier by the board.
However, as the consolidated results were sent to the school email IDs, school authorities said access to results was easy.
Most schools in the city were jubilant once they got the results as their students had performed well. CBSE has a system of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), taking into account the performance in Class IX and Class X in scholastic and co-curricular areas.
Securing a full 10
All the three branches of Delhi Public School have secured 100 per cent pass results in the All-India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) for Class X. At DPS (South), all the 242 students who appeared for the examination secured first division, and 64 students secured a CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 10. At DPS (North), 31 students out of 208 got a CGPA of 10, while at DPS (East), 21 students secured a CGPA of 10, while 39 students a CGPA of 9.
“In all, 94 students appeared for the examination and all have secured excellent grades,” said school principal Manila Carvalho.
Students of Sri Kumaran Children's Home (CBSE) too have done the school proud. “In all, 131 students appeared for the examinations and nine have secured a CGPA of 10. It recognises the consistent effort of children as well as teachers. The internal assessment of students was transparent and strict,” said Deepa Sridhar, director, Sri Kumaran Group.
A total of 2,117 schools appeared for Class X exams this year in the Chennai region, which includes Karnataka. It includes 1,734 independent schools, 105 Jawahar Navodayas, 196 KendriyaVidyalayas and 82 government-run schools.
As per the CBSE system, students of Class X are graded between A1 and E2, with those falling within the range of A1 to D being qualified for admission to higher classes. Candidates obtaining grades E1 and E2 can appear for improvement of their performance.
Candidates who wish to apply for verification of marks can do so within 21 days of the declaration of results.
Those students who wish to apply for improvement of performance can apply in the prescribed form before June 22.
The tentative date of this examination will be July 16.

HSC Results 2012 to be declared on May 23 |

HSC Results 2012 to be declared on May 23
The results of the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Class 12 examination will be declared on May 23.
Approximately 80,419 students appeared for the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) this year.
The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) began on February 21, 2012 and ended on March 28, 2012.
Students can see their Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exam results here. Students will be required to give their roll number to know how they have fared in their Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination.
Students are requested to be patient while checking the results due to heavy traffic on the official website of the HSC.
The scores achieved in the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Class 12 examination are considered very important for getting into university, getting into professional courses or training programs, and even employment opportunities.

Students tense after Indian Certificate of Secondary Education results

The ICSE results which saw more students with 90% and above scores has given worry lines to class X students from other boards as they try to secure seats in one of the top 10 city colleges. "I know I have worked really hard for my papers and also did well in all my papers. But I'm still worried if my score will be good enough to match the kind of marks ICSE students have scored," said Rohit Paranjpe, an SSC student. 

He also added that most of his friends are worried about not making through the course or college of their choice. 

ICSE students, however, have other things to worry about. Some were disappointed because they missed the privilege of being the all-India topper by just one mark. "I am very happy with my score and I know it is enough to get me through the best college anywhere. I missed the 'all-India topper' tag by just one mark, but there's nothing I can change now," said Tanvee Deokule, a student of Pawar Public School, Bhandup. 

Parents were equally worried about the competition students will face during junior college admissions. "My daughter scored 98% (best-5) but I realised the topper had scored 98.80%. There's going to be cut-throat competition during admissions this year," said Arun Mehta, father of 16-year-old Ayushi Mehta, the topper at Maneckji Cooper Education Trust School. 

Most schools had reason to celebrate this year not just with 100% results but also with the increasing number of 90% scorers in their batch. "Our results have been fantastic and the number of 90% and above scorers has also increased," said Alice Vaz, principal of Ryan International School, Kharghar, adding that 24 students in her batch scored above 90%. At St Mary's ICSE School, 49 out of 105 scored above 90% and the topper, Arunabh Mishra, scored 97.2%. 

"We are worried that we'll see more dejected students this year during admissions, especially high scorers. Hopefully, the admission process will be less stressful than the previous years," said the principal of a South Mumbai college. 

CBSE website to give updates 

CBSE has launched an academic website to provide information on its academic activities and policy initiatives."The website will be an information resource on the board's ongoing programmes, with special focus on training, innovation and leadership programmes for principals," said CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th May 2012 Written Episode

Priya picks the torn divorce papers and keeps looking at Ram. Niharika asks her to convince Ram as it was Priya’s idea for the divorce and since Priya started the game she has to finish it. Priya says she knows what to do and asks niharika not to take tension and says she would convince Ram and leaves to her room. Mama asks Niharika not to trust Priya as she is snake and says that he would follow Priya to know what she’s upto and goes behind priya and Niharika too runs behind him.
Priya comes to the room, looks at Ram who is in deep thoughts. and remembers whatever Ram told. She then talks to Ram that since he tore the divorce papers, its difficult to stick them now and infact its impossible like their relationship but he would never agree and would still say that she is lying and doing drama. She insists that she does need divorce and she is saying the truth and meanwhile Mama and Niharika overhear their conversation from outside their room
Priya says she truly wants divorce and hence she’s back and says that he doesn’t value money and hence he doesn’t know how much will be spent for the new divorce papers. Ram looks on suspiciously. Niharika and Mama enjoy hearing the conversation. Priya says she values money and hence she is back and adds that she shouldn’t have gone back , but if she hadn’t gone she wouldn’t have realized the value of Kapoor mansion which she realized when she went home and she was missing the luxury here.
She says she is used to the AC’s here, then the car, luxurious life and there are 10 to 15 servants who do everything in just one call and she has to do her own work at her home and says that she realized all this when she went home and she wonders how did she live 30yrs of her life in that house. She again iterates the fact that she has understood the value of all these things now and hence she’s back and as his wife she needs to get what she deserves. She says even though she can’t live with him, she can be his Ex wife and take advantage of all this.
She asks Ram to finish off this divorce thing soon as she has to plan many things. Firstly there is no job for karthik and not sure if anyone would give him job and may be he might have to start his business, then she says she is thinking of starting her own classes as it will be better than working under others and she can also give better treatment to Sudhir in a better hospital and for everything money is need and again stresses that she is back for this and adds that Ram feels that she’s back for him and asks Ram to accept the reality and get the money ready.
Ram asks if she needs money and calmly asks how much money she wants, 50 lakhs, 1crore or 2crore. Priya is confused, stammers and says that 2 crore must be enough for now and Ram immediately calls out Niharika. Niharika who was overhearing is shocked and then manages to reply Ram and comes in having an innocent face and asks Ram what happened. Ram asks her to call their accountant and ask him to transfer 2crore to Priya’s personal account immediately. Niharika says ok and Ram asks her to leave and asks sorry for bothering her and says he’s tired and would want to sleep now. Niharika says ok, gives a cold look to Priya and leaves.
Ram asks Priya if she wants anything else. He has given her what she wanted and asks her to tell now itself if she wanted anything else. Ram smilingly comments that she has rated a very low price for his love and adds that he’s ready to give everything to her. He then says that as she knows he hadn’t slept for 3 days and now when she’s back he’s feeling relaxed as he very well knows whatever she is telling is just lies and drama and he doesn’t know y is she doing it but knows that one day he’ll come to know about it. Priya gets emotional hearing Ram speak, but controls herself. Ram continues that he wants to sleep peacefully in front of her as she’s back and hence asks her to keep the anger aside and sit down in the bed and allow him to sleep.
He then lies down in the bed with a relief. Priya thinks that she loves him so much and hence she’s not liking to lie to him but wonders how will she make him believe her and y is his love for her not getting reduced inspite of her bad behaviour. Ram again asks her keep quiet and sit down near and allow him to sleep as he gets peaceful sleep when she’s near him. Niharika and mama are shocked. Priya then starts shouting that their marriage is just a compromise and she’s back to get her rights, Niharika and mama get happy. Ram closes his eyes, Priya says its waste of talking to him and she better talk to mummyji. Hearing that Niharika and mama run from there and Priya leaves.
Priya comes to meet Niharika. She asks if priya is done with her romance and says she just talks so much of making Ram hate her , but nothing is happening. Priya asks her not to spoil her mood and she’s tired of making him realize that she doesn’t love him but his fat brain doesn’t understand anything. Niharika says its hard to change his fat brain overnight and ask her to think something. Priya says they will have to take advantage of Ram’s weakness. Mama asks priya to come to the point and not to say dialogues. Priya taunts that she’s getting the habit of niharika to say dialogues for everything and asks them to keep quiet and listen to her.
Priya says since Mr.kapoor loves his family so much, they must use it agianst him and asks Niharika to help her. Niharika asks what exactly is going on in her mind. Priya asks Niharika to send Nuts back to her home somehow and she will manage. Priya adds that karthik will not easily agree and Natasha being Niharika’s duplicate who’s ego is more than her height will also not agree easily and there will be fight and differences again and they will have to take advantage. Mama says that priya is ahead of them in the kameenepan and compares priya with niharika’s younger days. Niharika agrees and priya asks if she’s sure that she can make Nuts agree to it. Niharika asks Priya not to worry about the execution of the plan and adds the next day Nuts will be back in Sharma House. Priya says ok and asks Mama to keep the kameena and adjectives to himself as she doesn’t like them.
Next day morning, ayesha comes out to take the newspaper and niharika, nuts and priya come there. Ayesha informs Shipra and Sudhir that someone has come to meet them. Priya says not someone its her inlaws her MIL and SIL. Ayesha ask them to come in. Priya hugs ayesha and all go in. Sudhir and Shipra are surprised, Ram too joins them. Sudhir asks for what they are there and Niharika says they are there to return their DIL and their lakshmi is back and hence they wanted to return their lakshmi too. Sudhir says its good and says Nuts is their daughter and asks her to join them. Karthik stops them and tells it can never be her house.
Sudhir tries to stop karthik, but karthik asks him not to interfere and says he’s had enough with her tantrums. He says his family has suffered a lot because of Nuts and entire kapoor family was behind them and says even Ram didn’t try to find what’s the truth. Karthik says Nuts need to ask Sorry to entire family to be back and asks entire kapoor family to ask Sorry to his dad and mom. Niharika interferes and tells karthik is crossing the limit and Priya interrupts and says that they need to fold hands and asks Sorry to her family and her brother is right.
Niharika asks whats wrong with Priya and asks y is she supporting her brother. Priya says she knew that her bro was not wrong and inspite of that he was humiliated and asks whats wrong in karthik asking for a sorry. Niharika asks Priya to think about kapoor family’s respect. Priya says she was Sharma house’s daughter before and she would think about this house respect also and says she is with karthik on this matter and if Nuts wants to return they will have to ask Sorry to her family. Sudhir stops, Priya asks him not to interfere and again says that karthik is right and if Mr.kapoor wants his pet sister to come back, he can very well say sorry and says its not a big deal.
Niharika asks Priya to respect Ram’s feelings and says he will never ask Sorry. Ram says Priya is not wrong as she is emotional with what happened to her brother and says they are guilty and he has done mistake too and adds that he’s ready to ask Sorry not once but 100 times too and folds his hands and says “Im really very very sorry” and asks them to forgive if possible. Priya gets emotional, so is Nuts. Sudhir asks Ram not to be sorry and says that they have forgotten everything and asks him to forget everything. Sudhir then asks Nuts to join them. Ram asks Nuts if she wants to stay here or want to come back to their house.
Niharika hopes for Nuts to say No or else their plan would flop. Nuts looks confused , but says that she wants to stay in Sharma House only. Priya is happy and relieved and so is Karthik and Sudhir. Niharika says that she wants to talk to Nuts and excuses herself from there with Natasha. Niharika asks Nuts if she’s sure that she wants to stay in that house. Nuts says yes and adds that she has realized that this is her house and the ppl here are her true people.. Nuts adds that inspite of being her own mother Niharika has never thought about her as much as the Sharmas have thought about her.
Niharika asks her not to forget that she helped her. Natasha says that she helped herself by using her and tried to break bhai’s marriage and walks off from there leaving Niharika in a shock. Natasha comes back and asks Sorry to karthik, then folds her hands and asks Sorry to Sudhir and Shipra and Priya is happy.
Ram and Priya in their bedroom. Priya sitting in the Couch. Ram warns her if she doesn’t end this drama, then. Priya interrupts and asks what will he do? Ram says that he will start eating 10 Paranthe’s from the next day and that too with extra ghee. He says that she has tested him so much and now he will test her and asks that if she isn’t bothered if he is dead or live then y should he bother? and says let his cholestrol go high. Priya calls out Bansi kaka and informs that Mr.kapoor will eat 10 aloo parantha’s for breakfast tomo with extra ghee. Ram says Fine, just see tomo and Priya just makes faces at him.
Ufff.. Too many dialogues today. I really don’t understand what was the need of such lengthy dialogues. Priya was just on and on and on and literally repeating the same thing. I lost count on the number of times she said that’s y I’m back dialogue during her conversation with Ram. Good that Nuts is back to Sharma House,Told her mom straight on her face the truth. This is the only good thing happened today. No Hopes and Expectations for Next Week. Take it as it comes is my new Mantra.

CBSE Class 10 Exam Results 2012 for Chennai Region Declared |

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has published Class 10 Examination Results 2012 for Chennai Region and Chennai Region Private Candidates.. Central Board ofSecondary Education (CBSE) Class X Exam Results 2012 for Chennai Region announced on 21st May, 2012. Students can check these results on the official website of CBSE results portal :

More than one Million students appeared for the Class 10th examinations. Results can be accessed on

CBSE Results 2012 for Class 10 (Chennai Region) :

CBSE Results 2012 for Class 10 (Chennai Region - Private Candidates) :

Countdown begins for Teacher Eligibility Test

The countdown has begun for the first Teacher Eligibility Test to be conducted by the Teacher Recruitment Board (TRB) on June 3. From model question papers uploaded by the TRB on its website and model papers brought out by private publishers, to coaching institutes offering weekend classes, many candidates seem to be availing of all the help that is possible to crack TET.
The test is mandatory for secondary grade teachers and graduate assistants appointed for government, aided and unaided institutions on and after August 23, 2010, as mandated by the Right to Education (RTE) Act.
While over six lakh candidates are expected to take the TET, book publishers, who were expecting to cash in on the huge number of takers, don't think it has converted into sales for them. A majority of the candidates feel that since this is the first such test, and exam guidelines say the pattern is based on the State government syllabus, it is best to study for the respective class textbooks.
Subash Kanda, MD, Sura Books, one of the publishers, says there was more response for paper-II, especially for science but sales for most publishers have only been lukewarm. “Publishers have made money, but not for the massive number of takers that this exam is projected to draw. If a publisher has sold 10,000 books it is good enough,” says he said.
Candidates appearing for the exam say there has been no dearth of coaching institutes too. At least 15 such institutions offer coaching for the test, with many candidates going to Kancheepuram for weekend programmes.
K. Shakthivel, a Ph.D. student who will be appearing for TET, and is studying on his own, says the biggest challenge for most of students is Tamil and English papers. “Both are mandatory, and candidates who have studied in Tamil medium find English tough, while those who have studied in English medium have difficulty in Tamil,” he says. There are also other concerns worrying candidates. Both B. Ed and D.T.Ed students say the TET is scheduled right between their year-end exams, and as different patterns are followed, they are caught in a difficult situation.
“My first preference is to clear the PGTRB exam for MSc. (B.Ed) programme, but I am left with only one week after that to prepare for TET,” says D. Hemavathy, a lecturer in a B.Ed. college. 

Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty gives birth to a baby boy

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty gave birth to a baby boy at Hinduja Healthcare Surgical Hospital in suburban Khar this morning. Husband Raj Kundra said on Twitter: "God has blessed us with a beautiful baby boy. Both mother and baby are fine. I am thrilled to bits."
Shilpa and Raj have been married for three years, and this is the couple's first baby.
"A big thank you to my wife @TheShilpaShetty for the bestest gift ever, DR Kiran Cohelo and all the staff at Hinduja Hospital," Raj added.
Shilpa Shetty's Wedding Album

Earlier, Shilpa Shetty had said that she will store her child's stem cells. "Stem cell banking gives me the peace of mind for my baby's health. By banking stem cells, my child will have more medical options in the future," Shetty had said in a statement.
The 36-year-old actress confirmed the news of her pregnancy in December 2011.

Satyameva Jayate or SMS Jayate?

Picture this scene – A picture-perfect dutiful daughter-in-law decked in all her finery, casting pensive looks, while trying to outwit her wicked mother-in-law and bhabi-sa’s plots to entangle her in controversy. Add to it a jilted lover, a current husband (usually categorically abusive or passive and lovey-dovey!) and a motley collection of uncles/aunties, not to forget the endless fights and tears – Voila! You have an Indian television soap that is bound to rake in TRPs and some moolah for the next couple of years.
Now what hits Indian television with a breath of fresh air, nay, a powerful gust of wind is Aamir Khan‘s new programme ‘Satyameva Jayate‘ (meaning ‘Truth alone triumphs’). I don’t remember being ‘hooked onto’ television in a really long time. The last programme I watched religiously was ‘Hum Paanch‘! So one can imagine what a huge TV-serial-fan I am.
However, after hearing rave reviews on Facebook about ‘Satyameva Jayate’ and reading this particularly intriguing post by Raamesh, curiosity got the better of me, and I tuned into good ol’ Youtube to catch the first episode, that talked about female foeticide.
First of all, let’s give credit where it is due. Aamir and team have done a great job of
* Researching the topic on hand, gathering verified statistics about the gravity of the problem, and highlighting facts that hit you in the gut! For example, the fact that in some parts of India where female foeticide/infanticide has resulted in a very low sex ratio, women are being ‘bought’ to be wives and are being ‘shared’ and treated like a commodity by the men in the family!
* Getting real-life witnesses on board to come and share their experiences. Like Harish Iyer for example (who also featured in the very impactful and gut-wrenching CSA Campaign last year) who shared his painful past about child-abuse.
* And quite literally, doing a pious job of ‘trying’ to spread awareness about topics that are rarely discussed and often swept under the carpet. Yes, we are all quite aware of these issues (like female foeticide and child sexual abuse), but it is not a topic of everyday conversation. Neither do we take any aggressive action against it!
Edited to add: Take a look at this article that talks about the national child helpline being flooded with calls seeking help against abuse!
Kudos to the Satyameva Jayate team! I would any day have this on my TV, as compared to the barage of nonsense in the form of ‘family soaps’!
But what I found rather unsatisfactory about the programme was the ‘action items’.
The first two episodes have followed identical patterns. Aamir writes a petition to the government, Invites people to send SMSes to support the cause (proceeds go to charity), he solicits charitable contributions (again, this is matched by a big corporate, who ultimately get more publicity through the show!) And ofcourse, leaves us with an impactful dialogue about ‘change has to begin with YOU this MOMENT!’ 
I think this is a great start. But having said that, doesn’t this seem too lame and Bollywood-ish?
For instance, will the written petitions TRULY impact government policy? If yes, then Aamir and team, please – take a bow!
But if not, then it becomes a farcical piling on people’s collective emotions (more of guilt than of anything else!) and meagre monetary contribution that could easily be achieved from alternate means! For example, the Rs.3 crore that Aamir is rumoured to be charging per episode! Or perhaps a portion of the money that Reliance has pumped into IPL!!
The show makes it very easy for people to ‘contribute’ by sending an SMS. ’Female foeticide’ / ‘child abuse’ –  no problem! One little SMS saying ‘YES’, and we have done our bit! We are also rid of guilt! Guilt of what crime??! Nobody knows. :roll: Simply send that SMS and get back to party-ing!
I’m intrigued by this new wave of ‘SMS-Charity’ culture. To be fair, it is ‘some’ contribution to society in place of ‘nothing’. Not too bad, actually. But Imho, a barrage of SMSes may not successfully bring about social change! I think we need more solid action!
Also, it will be very interesting to find out if the money raised after each show is MEASURABLE?
On another note, I have no clue why Sri Devi gets a ‘standing ovation’ from the audience???!!! She is an actress, for God’s sake! Not a humanitarian!!! If anybody deserves a standing ovation, it is the ‘victims’ who dare to come out in the open and speak about their very painful experiences!!!
Ok, I am in technically no position to criticise the show. I haven’t sent that SMS saying ‘YES’ yet. And neither have I donated any money online.
But tell you what? These are my 2 cents on how one could make this show more impactful.
1) Get those Criminals!
Don’t interview only the victims. Get hold of the perpetrators of the crime! Instead of asking the victim to describe the abuse/his emotions, focus on the abuser instead. If he refuses to appear on the show, try to catch him in a separate sting operation. And no discreet black masks for the abusers, please! Question and shame him in front of the country, so that neither he nor abusers like him continue this horrendous crime of child abuse! Talk to convicted criminals and show what sort of punishment is meted out for such crimes. Instil Fear (in the minds of potential criminals) and Hope (in the minds of victims/their families). And if the punishment isn’t sufficient, then interview the Judge who issued the ruling and find out WHY he/she did not think such gross crimes deserved more severe punishment. In short, SHAME the criminals, NOT the victims.
I have written about this in my earlier post on Aruna Shanbaug. We (media and masses) insist on shaming the victims and making their life hell, instead of grabbing the criminals and ensuring they don’t repeat their crime!
Some really strong action like this would take the show from a lame-Bollywood-entertainer to serious investigative journalism and an agent of social change!
2) Bollywood-crazy country!
We are a cricket and Bollywood-crazy nation, and we have no qualms about it! I’m sure Sri Devi increases TRPs of the show, and the organizers must need it, so the show makes complete business sense (in addition to social sense!) But for heaven’s sake, rope in some useful people on the show – police, politicians, judiciary .. invite a top Judge for example. Someone who is in a position to actually influence change in the country! Or if inviting a Bollywood celebrity, atleast get him/her to contribute say, a portion of the crores of rupees from his/her next film, to the same charity that the show is patronising!
3) Charity begins at Home!
Sending one little SMS and raising money for charity is quite creative. But honestly, charity begins at home. I would rather have Aamir try to influence the minds of the immediate audience, so they commit to something small but local, for example, sponsoring private education of their maid’s child! Or perhaps, teaching their servant-maid to read/write English. You see, these are the little things that will help our country grow.
4) Replace lifeless writ petitions with real-life commitments!
Instead of merely writing a petition to the Government, invite senior politicians to the show and hand over the petition in front of the country. In short, try to get any form of commitment in front of the public eye! It may or may not manifest in public policy change. But hey! Its worth a shot!
So people, enough of my criticism and rant. I honestly feel that the show is a great initiative, and at the risk of sounding repetitive, I would any day have this show on my TV.
But having said that, please feel free to share – what YOU would do, if YOU were producing ‘Satyameva Jayate’?

CBSE results 2012 soon

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) results for class X and XII will be announced soon.

The latest buzz is that the results of class X and XII CBSE Board exams would be declared before May end however there is no official confirmation from CBSE on the exact date of the declaration of the results.

In fact, the continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) system introduced by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) had proved to be a boon for Class X students in Delhi the previous year.

Also, the CBSE Proficiency Test 2012 will be conducted in July 2012 for class X. This test is optional and students appearing in class X exam this year are eligible to take the test. It will be held between July 9 and July 13.

CBSE is the apex board of education in the country. It is not only having a pan Indian jurisdiction but also has global presence with nearly 141 affiliated schools across 21 countries.

The Board also grants affiliation to schools up to higher secondary level and develops common curriculum taking into consideration nationwide requirements.